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zours seeds

Zours seeds

Carrot ‘Scarlet Nantes’

Broccoli ‘Purple Sprouting’

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Our packets are carefully packed by hand in Auckland, NZ with premium quality seeds, and we back all orders with our sow and grow guarantee.

Popular Vegetable Seeds

Premium Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

We collect and keep our own seeds for planting next year. Not only does this reduce the cost of growing a garden but it allows for an even greater connection with the food we eat and the ongoing cycle of growth, reproduction and renewal. Through careful selection it is possible to guide the evolution of the plant species, developing new strains or varieties that are better suited to the local climate, soil conditions and other site specific variables.

Browse our selection of organically grown vegetable, flower and tree seeds. Hand harvested in Autumn from healthy plants growing in the blockhill forest garden. Our collection sometimes includes imported seeds from popular permaculture shrubs and trees that are difficult to source locally.

Germination and propagation information

In order to achieve the best germination results it is important to research the appropriate procedure. Many plants require cold stratification or scarification of seeds. Sometimes it’s as simple as soaking seeds in hot water prior to planting. Other species require months of cold to subzero temperatures.