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zoom pie seeds

Zoom pie seeds

Arrived promptly, seems to be in good quality. I planted a week ago, so I can't comment on gemination periods or quality of plant growth.

(Cucurbita pepo) Sugar Pie makes one of the finest pie pumpkins. Also great for soups, muffins, and pumpkin bread.

Anise Hyssop Herb Flower Heirloom Seeds

Seeds are guaranteed to germinate at reasonable rates for two years from the date of purchase. Seeds are also guaranteed to grow true to type. Seed packets may be returned for only these reasons, and are only eligible for an exchange up to the purchase price of the item. We are not responsible for return shipping costs.

Please contact us if you receive damaged items or believe your item has been lost in the mail. We will work with you to resolve any shipping issues. However, please keep in mind that once we ship the item, it is out of our control as to how long it takes to arrive, unless insurance is added or Priority Mail Express is selected. Tracking numbers are provided as a courtesy. Full refunds for lost or missing shipments cannot be made.


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Zoom pie seeds

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Seeds arrived quickly and propagated FAST! Within just a couple days we saw some of them sprouting and it looks like almost all of the seeds propagated.

Emergency Survival Vegetable Garden Seed Kit | Non-Gmo, Heirloom Seed Bank | 100% Heirloom- Easy to grow! 30 varieties Add Organic Herb Kit!

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