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zkittlemints seeds

Zkittlemints seeds

Above all, we are cannabis purists and connoisseurs; we grow what we love, hand-crafted and clean, we produce what we want to experience, preserved and showcased. We do it this way for ourselves, but the ultimate reward is sharing it with other enthusiasts who, like us, have a profound appreciation for extraordinary unadulterated cannabis

Our approach to cultivation emphasizes the excellence, adaptability, and diversity of well-grown cannabis. Our strains are selected in-house and are exclusive to SKöRD. We prize rigor in process and product above all things, always striving to create the highest standards possible and elevate consumer expectations.

Founded in 2015, SKöRD is a cannabis producer/processor operating out of Battle Ground, Washington. We produce all our product out of a 7200 sq. ft indoor facility that we built from the ground up to not only produce the best quality cannabis possible but also the cleanest.

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Zkittlemints seeds

Smell: Our classic SKöRD cut of Zkittlemints combines a mild smell of pineapple, sweet pine and gas that grinds into an even stronger fuel smell that’s almost savory at the end and losing almost all of the sweet tones. SinMintz, on the other hand, slaps you right in the face with very authentic Skittles candy, sweet cream and grinds into an intense candy gas that is absolutely mouthwatering. As good as they both are, SinMintz rivals Blueberry Tartz for the true embodiment of candy gas cannabis and wins this round by a mile. Taste: Zkittlemints had a light tropical fruit and garlicky gas dry pull that smokes creamy and peppery. SinMintz takes this one again with an intensely sweet fruity dry pull that smokes the way it smells, skittles candy and floral sweetness.

I was told this strain has a super gassy and motor oil-esque smell and after popping the jar, I’d say that’s spot on. I personally get a super rich, buttery scent that’s immediately dominated by pungent gas. This one stinks up the room! After the grind, the smell gets skunky and funky, but maintains a super rich gassy smell. The buds broke down perfectly. That squishy ‘snap’ when pulling the buds apart. The nugs are moderately dense, but they grind down into the anticipated amount. Virtually no kief as the buds were so sticky, nothing could have possibly fallen off. —— -Taste and Burn-

Gabriel ‘Donkey Butter’ (Review in the comments)

Gabriel ‘Donkey Butter’ (Grease Monkey x Triple OG) < —-—|—-———— >—— -First Glance-

I know I’ll be going somewhat against the grain here, but I won’t hesitate in saying SinMintz won me over and very much so. It’s all about the candy terpene profile and how it translates into such a smooth and flavorful smoke. Zkittlemints will always be an old flame of mine, but I’m all in for SinMintz hitting the core lineup!

Both of these are potent, and while any well read enthusiasts will tell you it’s the terpene content that drives the THC bus, the sub 20% total canns on these variants proved to be very strong. Zkittlemints is a creeper that blooms euphoria and settles into a sleepy body buzz, while Sinmintz elevated my mood and made me feel social, almost anti anxiety. More of a mental relaxant. In truth, they both serve a purpose and both do it well. This one is a tie.

Zkittlemints seeds

Funky cookie zkittles notes that has the perfect amount of funk mixed with that candied dank. Great for daily use. Takes away stress and is also great for hunger.

Funky creamy kush notes of onion teriyaki and fermented melons. This is for the heavy users as this one will leave you with that feeling of the first time you tried cannabis every time. Great for hunger, insomnia, pain, and stress.

Acai citrus kush. Perfect for anytime. Leaves the mouth watering and wanting more every time. Great for stress, pain, hunger, and insomnia.

Push Pop Cake

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Mild kush tones with herbal notes. Great for the daily use of function in life. Helps with hunger and anxiety.

Sin Mint Zkittles