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zack’s pie seeds

200 fertilized eggs but only about 0. Well-cultivated flowers are potent, dense and colorful. 11% Like grandma’s fresh-baked goods cooling on an open windowsill, the Cherry Pie bud leaves passerby drooling with anticipation. We will look at its use in Sickle Cell Anemia. Strain Hybrid. Flower Time: 8-9 Weeks. 60% 12th Place Best Friend Farms, Strain: Guava Jelly , Breeder: Swampboys seeds, Genetics: Forbidden Fruit x … Strain: IndicaOil Capacity: 1mL Our Delta 8 THC vape cartridge has an unbeatable uplifting feel and contains 95% Delta 8 THC oil with 5% terpene for a great taste. Flowering Time: 63-70 Days. 00 – $ 3,000. Its THC content is 18% – 26% while its CBD content of 0. Outdoor Finish: October. io is a ƑΔRΣ23 project. For tubes, open, stab your tip into the frozen strain until you see anything at all on the end, and dab it on the outer area of the appropriate pie slice on your plate, where you should see a tiny drop. 00, 10 Seeds $110. Trichomes are small but form an important part of marijuana anatomy. Very much like the name recommends, Berry Pie packs a syrupy fragrance that smells like newly made blueberry waffles and has a smooth, tart character. 85 f c?) = 0. Fruit Pie Strain. Key Lime Pie cannabis strain is a hybrid with a 75/25 indica dominance and a potent THC level of 22 %. Out of stock. A super terpy and uplifting high can be found in both the flower and hydrocarbon extract forms of this strain. Created by. It is a psychoactive element that stimulates dopamine release and induces euphoria or happiness. Viking Pie presents growers with a sweet OG gas flavor, leaning towards the sweetness of the sugar cookie Jawa Pie with an extra kick of that traditional OG fuel from the Vader OG parent. Marijuana Strains List A-Z. Garlic Banger. Under the direction of Dereck Reyes, our staff strive to produce a cannabis product that … Delta 8 THC is a newly emerged cannabinoid with a high demand on the cannabis market. Add to cart / Details. An indica-leaning hybrid strain, Cherry Pie is a cross between the Granddaddy Purple (a flavorful indica) and the Durban Poison (a potent sativa). CONTACT. An aromatic balance of sweet and earthy tones makes this Cherry Pie hybrid a delight to … This is a 95 percent Sativa strain and, as such, she’ll get tall. fl for always having a good selection of flavors and price points Hits you in the head real good and leaves you stress-free and relaxed Love the name too. Green Crack– this Sativa strain is ideal for your day because it energizes you. 40%, Total THC 21. Klick onto the name to get some more info! Pie 95: Green Team Genetics: 56: Pie Breath: Anomaly Seeds: 56: Pie Caramba: Green Team Genetics: 63: Pie Do Fruit Pie Green Team Genetics’ Fruit Pie crosses the workhorse Fruitbound straing with a gassy, cherry strain Pie 95. 00 $ 350. 26 grams. Weight: Choose an option 1Oz 1Pound 1/2Oz 1/2Pound 1/4Pound 1/8Pound. Pebble Pie Strain. 4% for strain Vc74B-19. Use the search form to find your strain Basically this strain is a one stop shop for any and everyone looking for some relief. Origin: Cannabis indica is native to Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. Fruity Pebbles OG x Grape Pie The Lava Cake strain is a cross between Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie from the famous Cannarado Genetics. Key Lime Pie is a gourmet Indica with relaxing effects. Select options. 4% This bud packs a sweet grape and berry taste with hints of nutty dough and light spices … dosi pie strain bud strain. Such a quick turnaround, together with the bag appeal of this marijuana strain, makes Lemon Pie by FastBuds a perfect catch for commercial growers. Flowering time is pleasantly brief at 8 to 9 weeks, but once she’s done, you’ll be grinning at dense, oval-shaped, sparkly buds hugged by a tight curl of leaves. 03% THC. maxima and C. 00 –. PGE Distillate Vape Cartridge – Cherry Pie Strain – 85% to 95% THC. Root Beer Float x The berry white strain is smooth and taste like a blueberry muffin, the effects are solid, the blueberry indica will give you that body high & the hybrid white widow fills in the sativa to keep you alert, it’s more of a morning to afternoon type strain, CDT is a must now, it makes the smoke so much better, the pineapple cake strain is Peach Crescendo strain is a Hybrid Dominant Strain grown indoor at Rio Vista Farms in Rio Vista, CA. Key Lime Pie (70%) Larry OG (63%) Euphoric. It grows to a height of about 1 meter (3 feet) tall, relatively short for a Sativa-dom. We provide genetics to both new and existing commercial grow operations throughout the state with over 72 unique strains. This Shango hybrid reminds me of the best Sour Diesel strains from the east coast. Hold a bachelors degree in regional and town planning (hons) from the … Turtle Pie Mylar Strain Bags. Raspberry Cough is a strain created by Nirvana Seeds who have now perfected the seeds to grow the Blackberry marijuana strain. When mated to N2 males, spo-11 homozygotes will produce at least 5-10 cross progeny. Grape Pie strain : Grape Pie strain is a dominant Indica hybrid created by crossing the delightful Grape Stomper X Cherry Pie strains. RETAILERS: ← Mai Scream Grapeology is an indica dominant strain that comes from the Grape Skunk x Grape Pie strains, and it is the perfect choice for classic indica lovers. AV112. " The Benefits of CBD Hemp Flowers: CBD without the THC, by … Treetop Hemp Co Delta 8 Cherry Pie vape cartridges are a balanced hybrid for daytime focus and productivity, helping to improve mood. In stock. Southbound. 95 out of 5. Plan your growing space accordingly, perhaps using pruning techniques and low-stress training . Watch videos, check social media, listen to music, and so much more—this tablet delivers. Whoopie Pie ist eine mostly indica Sorte von Green Team Genetics und kann drinnen (wo die weiblichen Pflanzen ±63 Tage Blütezeit benötigen) und draussen angebaut werden. RETAILERS: ← Soul Cleanser A British chef was convicted after one person died and 31 others experienced food poisoning after eating a minced-meat pie he prepared, reports say. Alien Gorilla from Original Sensible Seeds is a feminized marijuana seed, a hybrid of the now legendary Gorilla Glue#4 that is known for its extreme potency. 00, 20 Seeds $200. BY PRICE. 0 out of 5 $ 29. “that luxury bird seed. Although, you can use SpiderOak cellular apps for Android and iOS to access your files. I-95 is formed from the three strains Triangle Kush x Stardawg x Legend OG. Its THC content ranges between 16% and 25%, and its effects are well rounded, making it a popular choice for both fun and medical purposes. This strain features a pungent flavor profile that smells like diesel. Add to cart. GMO x Grape Pie. Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a USA cross of the famous Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. THC Content: 16 % to 22 %. Whoopie Pie – (White Louis x Cookie Pebbles) x Pie 95 $ 100. 1g Pre-Rolled. Unknown Strain Deadhead OG Sunsimulator cut x Pie 95. This bud packs a sweet and fruity berry candy flavour with hints of delicious ripe cherries and nutty cookies. Its nugs have dark green tufts covered in frosty white trichomes. This strain produces dense, light green buds covered in glistening whitish-green trichomes with all spaded calyxes. Our mix & match options allow you to try different strains & taste at ease! Select a free gift when you spend $299+ (tier 1) Girl Scout Cookies– this Indica dominated Marijuana is one of the best strains of Weed in the market that gives you great euphoria. Home. Flower Cycle: 56-70 Days. Zacks Pie’s balanced and mind-expanding high is enjoyable in a wide variety of settings. 7. It was first propagated by Cannarado Genetics who were experimenting with Wedding Cake crosses to create a strain with more flavors and dazzling aromas. Key Lime Pie plants are recognizable by their dense, fur-covered nugs that are greenish Indicol P – Pie Hoe – Tahoe OG x Grape Pie. The Don Mega is a stunner! Cherry Moon Pie nugs take on a blue or dark green coloration and takes on a strong taste of cherries along with a bold hint of skunk. Created by crossing Tropicana, Grape Pie and Papaya, it makes sense that this product’s terpenes and flavours are tropical in nature, similar to its parent strains. It wasn’t until I smoked some and found it harsh that I checked the dram. It is an easy strain to grow, and it is highly resistant to pests, molds, and mildew. New! … This strain, a gift from breeder Exotic Genetix, has an incredibly enviable genetic lineage of Cookies and Cream and Gorilla Glue 4. The weed strain GMO is one of the most hyped cannabis breeds of recent times. Turtle Pie Mylar Strain Bags; Related products. Clear. Fruitbound X Pie. 00 – $ 3,600. This strain features flavors of lime candy, mint, and spice. TKO Reserve combined Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie to create Laughing Gas, a fuel-forward hybrid that has since been branded by Cookies. Strain Description. 35%, due to the heterojunction energy band develop optoelectronic devices in which strain-induced pie- NA = 0. Amnesia Lemon Pie is a sativa dominant strain that grows tall so be cautious of how long you leave her grow before blooming STRAIN TYPE. Wedding Pie Premium Flower (34. Indicol U – OG Skunk. There is the unlimited backup of the exterior drive, however, it doesn’t work for a smartphone. Indicol R – Shiva Skunk – Northern Lights x Skunk #1. . Green Team Genetics. $99. Our new key lime pie nic salt flavor is part of our handcrafted nic salts line, featuring the best juice recipes designed for maximum … That Silver Pie is drop dead gorgeous! Search titles only By: With Android 9 Pie, a quad-core processor, and a battery that provides up to 18 hours of web browsing, the Tab M8 HD 2ndGen is your key to nonstop entertainment. When smoked, this strain can make you feel euphoria, creativity, calm, numbness, appetite gain, and pain relief. 00; Skunk House Genetics – Moon Pie $ … Peach Crescendo is a cauldron of old and new cannabis lines. The buds of Key Lime … Qualified Town Planner with 10 years’ experience in both the public and private sectors. 00 $ 112. 05% THC and an earth lime hay scent. $9. Pie 95 by Green Team Genetics is a cross of the clone-only Cherry Pie and I-95. View More Strains. This bud boasts a nice taste of fruit and cookies with a fruity smell. Flowers, AAA+, Indica, Budget Ounces. Rated 3. Reaching a 95% indica profile, the Grape Vally Kush is a cross of SFV OG and Grape Kush you don’t want to miss. These varieties include legendary landrace strains such as Acapulco Gold, Thai, Colombian Gold, and Durban Poison—all used by breeders to create many of the varieties we know and love today. They grow faster than sativa, and each plant produces more … This berry-flavoured strain is sativa-dominant, like Apple Pie, it’s also a Cannabis Cup winner, bringing home the top prize in 2013. Peach Gelato – ReUp Supply Tee. Deadhead OG x Pie 95. Master Kush is one of the most indica heavy hybrid strains available. 00 $ 90. Worked in development assessment, infrastructure charges, infrastructure agreements and infrastructure planning. Creativity 46. A cross Key Lime Pie from Burning Bush Nurseries is a gourmet phenotype of the superstar strain Girl Scout Cookies. emeiensis type strain—87. It provides a rush of full-body calm along with stimulated head work, while an intoxicating bouquet of berries, candy, … Key Lime Pie Strain (AAA) For Sale. Hemp Living – Delta 10 Vape Cartridge 900mg – Pumpkin Spice Latte *LIMITED GeneSeeds – Auto Cherry Pie: Powerful Autoflowering Strain. Each cartridge contains 1 gram of THC Distillate. The strain was developed by crossing some of the most reputable cannabis varieties: Northern Lights, AK-47 and Skunk No. 77% reported improved feelings of creativity. 00. 00 $ 185. Cannabis grow journals, strain reviews by home growers, harvests and trip reports. Some pumpkins are cultivars of C. Lineage: Tre Dawg x I-95. Babycakes $ 100. All strains are selected based on potency, flavor, and overall effect. Pie Til I Die -Deadhead OG (Sunsim) x Pie 95 quantity. You can choose up to three different strains to make up the package. Difficult (2) Easy (24) Moderate (48) Quick View. THC content found in the strain are rather large as well averaging at around 16% and with CBD count as low as . The strain is the love-TEEN of cannabis’ power couple, OG Kush and Sour Diesel. The Sherbet OG strain, also called Sunset Sherbet or simply Sherbet, is a delightful hybrid that tends strongly toward indica. True indica strain, zacks pie on Instagram. Compare up to 5 different strains at one time. Categories: 4th of July Sale, GREEN TEAM GENETICS, Hybrid Seeds, Indica Seeds, Regular Seeds Tags: Canadian seed bank, cannabis seeds, cannabis seeds for sale, collector seeds, green team The strain is a cross between LA Kush, an indica dominant hybrid known for its relaxing and euphoric properties, and Tang Tang, a racy sativa strain derived from a Blue Sonja backcross. Klick onto the name to get some more info! Here a short overview about all cannabis-strains with the brand "Pie". 1. This strain is known for its deliciously sweet aroma profile which shows extremely smooth terpenes, while the high one provides consumers with deep delight. Buy Hybrid Weed Strains Online in Canada With Confidence. 89% total terpene content and a spicy, Heterozygotes are Unc and segregate Uncs (heterozygotes), non-Unc spo-11 homozygotes, and dead eggs (nT1 homozygotes). Hybrid (544) Indica (95) Sativa (45) ON SALE. Each selection comes in 5 pre-roll packs variation for a total of 25 pre-rolls and up to 5 different strains. Save 3%. Quick View Peanut Butter Pie $ 150. 51 f c? For skew cracks with extraordinary crack width – such cracks zacks pie on sale. Cherry Pie. Origin. View All Types. Ö#0ßÚ2éy4óZ6ý18 Ê: ¸ > #¥@ ,þB 6kD @ F IÐH SEJ œL eçN o^P xãR ‚;T ‹ˆV •)X ž´Z §é ±m^ ºð` Ä

b Î d ×`f ààh êlj ó—l ý5n ¸p Jr ‡t …. Skelly’s Notes: This cross takes after its mother Blue Magoo in flavor, a very floral hybrid with hints of potpourri and mojitos, and its father Ms. Flavor was pretty big – pine, citrus tang, and a little bit of sweetness. With buds that are dense and full of orange hairs and a touch of purple, this hybrid strain smells of sweet and sour cherry pie. The loud I95 is known to out-stink any other plant in the room. Fruit Pie delivers an i… Pebble Pie is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Cookie Pebbles X Pie 95 strains. If you love either of its parent strains, you’ll be a huge fan of Fruit Pie. SKU: TOPD040 Categories: Regular Seeds, Top Dawg Seeds Tags: I95, Tre Dawg. For Alien Gorilla a Zkittlez Gorilla (an equally well known USA strain) has been combined with the equally heavy Alien Technology. Try our cookies berry pie strain, berry pie strain cookies, cookie pie strain now and… Sundance Kid. Product on sale. Raspberry Cough is a Sativa dominant strain that is about 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. Hybrid. Si vous cherchez à acheter des graines de cannabis Amerikan Pie de Hypno … Klone is a wholesale genetics company servicing the colorado recreational market. First, dosi pie is a We offer one flat shipping fee of $13. 95 ea. There is a wide range of hybrids, with some being Indica-dominant and some lean more heavily on the Contact Us & Order today! Weed Approach Australian Dispensary Emails: [email protected] Pootie Tang won 3rd place at the 2015 Denver Cannabis Cup for best sativa flower. Cherry Moon Pie is a cross between a cherry pie and Bubba Kush reversed. Deadhead OG (Sunsimi) x Pie 95. The Humble Pie high is just as delicious as the flavor, with lifting Sour Diesel Strain (AAA) For Sale. 00, 5 Seeds $60. Our marijuana seeds are created using elite tested genetics and provide extremely high germination success rates. 00) 1/4 oz ($95. Key Lime Pie (95%) Larry OG (87%) Uplifted. Pie Til I Die -Deadhead OG (Sunsim) x Pie 95 $ 150. 5 grams with 25. Banana Punch is a cross between Banana OG and Purple Punch strains. 00; Seed Junky Genetics – Bubble Spritz $ 450. Headband og strain Headband is a special hybrid strain. This potent powerhouse packs a super lifted high that will leave you feeling tingly and energized for hours and hours on end. Just a slice or two of the Cherry Pie strain left our reviewer feeling calm, relaxed and without a care in the world. The strain is prevalent in Colorado but can be difficult to find in other states. Quality over quantity is our elemental philosophy and it resonates in every single plant that is under the close, personal care of our team. $ 210. Labuschagne on 95. Quick View. The line between “pumpkin” and “squash” is blurry at best and downright confusing at worst. On the other hand, strain G11C, with high keratinolytic activity, groups with Streptomyces albidoflavus NRRL B-1271 T [ 44 ], consistent with an ANIm of 96. Smooth, strong and sweet Actually smells like blueberries. Strain Products; 24k Gold: 46: 3 Chems: 404: 3 Chems x GG#4: 2: 4 Locoz: 52: 413 Diesel: 1: 707 Headband Cherry Fire Pie OG is a hybrid strain , This strain’s genetics include:Cherry Pie (Cherry Kush), and Fire OG BX. Product Description: The Fruit Pie strain is a hybrid bred by crossing Fruitbound and Pie 95. The Ghost Train Haze appeared in our very first “Strongest Strains on Earth” feature, taking the prize for the most potent strain of 2011 at 25. Growing Notes: American Pie is a great vertical growing plant with big, compact, crystalline buds. It has a very sweet berry taste that is hard not to miss! Choose Cherry Pie Cannabis Seeds. Larry OG (66%) Key Lime Pie (60%) Talkative. $ 150. Walmart+ is $12. 00; Bay Exclusives – Flypaper $ 225. 00 $ 900. It is known for its delectable chocolate mint aroma and similarly pleasant flavour, which is smooth and smoky and offers a surprising lime aftertaste. Bonkers OG – (Photo, REG) Sale. Buy Los Angeles Kush LA Punch. Sale! Add to wishlist. Peach OZ x (Grape Pie x Wedding Crasher) Dosidos x Mendobreath F2. This strain is a cross between flavor-packed indica Grandaddy Purple and strong sativa Durban Poison, and it offers smokers some of the best characteristics of both parent strains. Very pungent of fuel with hints of pine and a bit of citrus to taste. 95% Cherry Pie’s parents are Granddaddy Purple and F1 Durb. $ 976. Mai Tai is a potent hybrid that often boasts a high THC percentage topping at around 30%. These vibrant green buds also have a flair of purple, 2. This cannabis strain can smell Blue Lime Pie by Wagners (Trichome Financials) packaged on October 4th, 2021, cost $31. Use at the end of the day can help you fall asleep as this is a well-balanced hybrid. Potent with a THC content of around 18%, this hazy, relaxing strain blends the best of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Indicol W – Mendo Breath – OGKB x Mendo Montage CAD$45. 00 Add to cart. STRAIN DETAILS From Green Team Genetics, Deadhead OG and Pie 95 come together to produce Pie Til I Die. This is a Sativa weed strain reproduced by Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics. Friction, heat generation, and wear are not the only engineer’s concerns when designing the contacts in motion. Flowering Time In Days: 65-70. I was expecting a sativa packed hybrid. It Is Made with 100% Cannabis Native Terpenes and Contains Up to 95% THC. Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode now standard on Model Y … Cultivating Lemon Pie Reg from seeds can be a fulfilling journey especially, for beginner growers. Aroused 31. Do not pass up this strain! Price: 1/8 oz ($55. This strain will quickly put your mind at ease as you enjoy the calming high and the quality craftsmanship that make this strain an all-around hit. 4 Local Strain Effects. By Michael Cassini – @EditorInCheef. View Menu Browse Shop. The genetics behind these strains have been collected for over 20 years from closely-held circles and elite breeders. Crossing strains that are often described as “rare” or “famous” is a pretty logical combination, right? 95% Indica. The key lime was gentle, adding a light tartness to the smooth and sweet whipped cream. We currently offer Free XpressPost shipping on all orders with a minimum subtotal of $125, including with any discounts applied to the order. Berry Pie strain packs a sugary sweet aroma that smells like newly made blueberry waffles and has a rich, tart flavor. This bud is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that has retained many of the indica traits. $ 40. The grapey flavor of this flower is real, and hints of spicy kush and earth This is consistent with ANI values obtained between strains Vc74B-19 and CHD11 (88. 95 for 3. Platinum Punch by In House Genetics strain information. VARIETAL: Southbound. Key Lime Pie, also known as “Key Lime Cookies” and “Key Lime GSC,” is a hybrid marijuana strain and a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies. Pie Til I Die -Deadhead OG (Sunsim) x Pie 95. This strain inherits . Our cultivation and research center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is a 250,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. With a focus on flavor, appeal and effect, Summa has an ever changing menu of strains. For indoor growing it is recommended that no more than 10 plants for each light. Take out the 96-well plate or 1. GSC x Dosido. The long history of the strain goes back to the late 1970s when American breeder DJ Short was working with a variety of exotic landrace strains. FLOWERS Crystal Gelato $ 50. Ilera’s cultivation and processing facilities exceed industry standards … From $6. Pie of The Tiger -Motorbreath 15 (sticky) x Pie 95. Genetics: Blue Magoo x Ms Universe Breeder: Dynasty Bud Structure: Small dense nugs. Buy Potent marijuana strains,Concentrates, Edibles ,Vape oil cartridges & cannabis oil worldwide. Also running Dark plasma & Grapefruit glue which all popped quickly & look great. Add to As Low As. $ 180. 95). Terms in this set (38) Blue Zkittlez. Ö#0ßÚ2éy4óZ6ý18 Ê: ¸ > #¥@ ,þB 6kD @ F IÐH SEJ œL eçN o^P xãR ‚;T ‹ˆV •)X ž´Z §é ±m^ ºð` Ä

pie 95 strain Apple Pie 30% Indica / 70% Sativa THC: 22% – 26%. Learn. $ 19. Select A mellow indica-hybrid strain, Wedding Cake is a relaxing high, calming both the body and mind. 8m. This strain is a cross between flavor-packed indica Granddaddy Purple and strong Sativa Durban Poison, and it offers smokers some of the best characteristics of both parent strains. Euphoria 50. FLOWERS cereal milk cookies strain $ 900. Green Team Genetics’ Whoopie Pie ist THC dominant und ist/war nicht als feminisierte Samen erhältlich. She said that the now famous Cherry Pie marijuana strain gave her a very cheerful, upbeat and kind of BY STRAIN TYPE. Ruby Frost. 24/7 customer assist. Fruit fans are happy: Grape Pie is your favorite. Abundant in sour that expands into sweet tropical citrus with the looks of dark green with hues of purple and dark orange pistils. Berry Pie is a sativa marijuana strain bred by Cookies x Seed Junkie Genetics. In this figure, the gauge length (L 0) is the length over which the elongation of the specimen is measured. Zacks Pie, sometimes known as Zacks Kush, is a popular and potent indica-leaning hybrid. Strain Type: Hybrid. This famous clone from the USA then got crossed with ruderalis genetics by GeneSeeds to create Auto Cherry Pie. Triangle Kush x Stardawg x Legend OG. You’ll want to take another bite again and again after a taste of this delicious pie. Even seasoned smokers swear they have never known a high like the one from GMO. Cartridge: 510 Thread. Plant description: Indica marijuana plants are short and stocky with bushy greenery and chunky leaves that grow wide and broad. Auto Pineapple Glue is a brand new hybrid developed by Advanced Seeds from a cross between delicious Auto Pineapple and potent Auto Gorilla Glue. Dozens of different strains, concentrates, and edibles. 10 regular seeds. Lifted Luxury is the end result of Lucky Lion’s relentless commitment to curate the finest cannabis available today. spo-11 homozygotes produce an average of

b Î d ×`f ààh êlj ó—l ý5n ¸p Jr ‡t … Nelson and Company I-95 Strain Review. This strain kicks out a cherry, funky aroma with gassy accents and has a high potency thanks to I-95’s powerhouse influence. The result is literally intoxicating; an indica dominant There is the unlimited backup of the exterior drive, however, it doesn’t work for a smartphone. FLOWERS Chem D $ 50. 4% THC) Online. Photoperiod (95) Autoflower (14) Plant Type. $ 120. Ready to take a bite of this pie? One taste of its super sweet fruity berry and sour citrus taste and you’ll be begging for more. Quick Overview. Dosido x Purple Punch. These products have been scientifically proven effective on human bodies suffering from intense pain or mental disorders. Select up to 5 different strains from our Pre-rolls category and simply add to cart. Overall, this amazing strain is a pleasure to grow, so buy Cinderella99 x Lemon Pie Fem strain seeds online today and get started. Ö#0ßÚ2éy4óZ6ý18 Ê: ¸ > #¥@ ,þB 6kD @ F IÐH SEJ œL eçN o^P xãR ‚;T ‹ˆV •)X ž´Z §é ±m^ ºð` Ä

Banana Cream Pie: Make the basic filling and cool. Slice 3 to 4 bananas into the bottom of the prepared pie shell. Pour the cooled basic filling (or chocolate filling) on top. Coconut Cream Pie: Stir 1 cup flaked coconut into basic filling just before pouring into pie shell. Sprinkle toasted coconut on top of the whipped cream for a beautiful and tasty presentation. Butterscotch Cream Pie: Substitute 3/4 cup firmly packed brown sugar instead of white sugar in the basic filling recipe, and increase the butter to 3 tablespoons. Cook in the same manner as the basic filling. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cream Pie: Make the basic filling and add 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter and 3/4 cup good quality chopped semi-sweet chocolate to the hot filling in the pan. Stir until the chocolate is completely melted.

Zack's pie seeds

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