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yuck mouth seeds

Yuck mouth seeds

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Yuck mouth seeds

I appreciate the apology and vote of confidence my friend. I’ve put in a lot of work, for a lot of years, and take pride in it. Sometimes to my own detriment.

since the cut was arguably a rare find, as tons of people popped chemdxforum, even by different breeders.
of course maybe not everyone shares/hypes them as much, but apart from potency, what could be desirable traits
to pass on?

can you speak on the gmo and how it does in passing on its traits?


Your cookie lines are solid. Very few herms (ive grown well over 150 different plants now of the cookie lines) all late making them a non-factor in most gardens and extremely minimal viable pollen if there were any at all. 0 nanners from flowers always on the bottom part of where a bud connects to the main stem and very small; nothing to ever worry about. From Cherry Pie on down. Even tested some with light leaks and change of light schedules done on purpose. 1/10 females had the slight herm tendency described above in my experience so far.

I am super fuckin glad to hear this and glad he asked. I have been an ass and filled with a lot of doubts about your gear in the past, but you have stood up in my garden and it is apparent to me, as I did not miss out on the Valley Girls, that you do indeed have the real deal OG.

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say what you want but fletcher knows how to get them to a healthy fade, at least the ones in his pictures.

Running the gelato #25 x doisodo got like 8 different phenos so are to choose this my fav so far 5 weeks in all plants purpling up

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