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witty og kush seeds

Witty og kush seeds

Indica dominant, the strain gives strong effects. Users describe Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien as relaxing and euphoric, bordering psychedelia. This spacey indica is famed for its high THC content, tested over 21%. Enjoy a gift from the stars with Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien!

Grandpa’s got that super chronic—and it’s the purp! Grand Daddy Purp’s full-bodied indica stone may have you lost in Parkinson’s world. Super stoney!

5. Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien

You can do some digging and find some Donkey Dick clones or seeds around. Seeds were available years ago by a few different breeder companies, and the Hawaiian Donkey Dick strain you can find around locally.

Another one of Hawaii’s famed pakal ōlō strains, Donkey Dick is a big fat single cola bud plant. This tubular plant has earned the name Donkey Dick for its characteristic large and thick structure.

7. Brown Bomber

“Cheesy” refers to the strain’s parent Big Budda Cheese, and the “Dick” comes from the other parent, Moby Dick. This Cheesy Dick hybrid is super quick flowering at roughly 56 days and is almost purely indica. 95% Indica / 5% Sativa. Give the Cheesy Dick a chance!

Witty og kush seeds

For example, do you notice that you often yawn when you see someone else do the same? It is a similar story with laughter. If you see someone else laughing and feeling happy, there is a good chance that you will follow suit.

According to Robert Provine, author of Laughter: A Scientific Investigation, only 20% of laughs come from traditionally ‘funny’ things. He believes that laughing is a form of communication that predates speech by millennia. In general, laughter is a pleasant experience, and if you get the right strain, you get to experience the joy of laughing rather quickly.

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#1. Blue Diesel – The Blueberry Belly-Buster

The energetic high will see you knocking out hours on your creative hobby. Sweet Diesel is a vigorous strain that is great for releasing some tension by getting creative and bringing on the giggles!

Cannabis and the Giggles – What’s the Connection?

This relaxing, sativa-dominant strain was the winner of the Cannabis Cup back in 2003. It is as loved now for the joyful feelings it provides, and the ability to increase focus and alertness. Laughing Buddha is a cross between Jamaican and Thai weed strains and has an incredibly distinctive, potent taste that will last with you long after your last drag.

Original OG Kush Auto has tested as having the highest THC content of FastBuds Original range. A great terpene profile, suitability for novice growers and good yields in a short life-cycle are all important attributes of this auto strain. A big hit with couch-lock fans!

Both OG Kush itself and this auto-flowering version from FastBuds are Californian natives and are therefore both well-adapted to hot days and cool nights making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. This is a medium-sized, indica-dominant strain which will eat up high doses of nutrients reaching a height of 70 – 110 cm. Apart from this little maintenance is required.

Its structure is of a plant with a central main cola supported by thinner side-branches. This is a strong-smelling plant which whose terpenes will need to be countered by using a good carbon filter indoors. Even outdoors its strong smell could alert others so a degree of care should be taken. Original OG Kush’s life-cycle is 9 weeks from seed to harvest and yields are between 450 – 550 gr/m 2 . The buds are quite small and very dense with high levels of resin production.

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The flavour is pine, citrus with a pungent earthiness supported by fuel notes. THC has been measured at 23% while CBD is described as being very low. The effect is not for the faint-hearted; potent, lazy and heavy sensations which develop into a dream-like state with higher consumption. Likely to be of use for medical marijuana patients or for those simply in need of extreme relaxation.