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willy’s wonders seeds

Willy's wonders seeds


Growing Willie’s Wonder Marijuana is Moderate

This infamous potent Indica hybrid designed for indoor cultivation. It’s believed that this strain comes from the cross of the Ruderalis species and a powerful Afghan Indica strain. This is due to it’s short stature but ability to produce moderate to high yields of nice dense sticky flowers. Willie’s Wonder will finish in any light cycle, including 24 hours of light, 60 days from SEED. Williams Wonder has a very unique fruity smell that tastes almost as good as it smells. The users feel the long lasting ( about 2.5hrs) effects of this strain mostly in their head but report feeling a nice relaxing sensation in their body that doesn’t burn you out. The flowering period for this strain is about 8 weeks but data on how much it yields is debated due to there being so few that attempt to grow this strain. This is one definitely worth trying though as it’s a strong one!

Flowering: 28 days
— indoor Grow —
Height: 2 Ft Plus
Yield: 2 1/2 to 4 onces Cured

Willy's wonders seeds

Last but certainly not the least, the herb also brings hope to those struggling with lack of appetite. It is highly favored by persons with eating disorders or cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy which also causes nausea. While the marijuana can help them regain their appetite, it will also lock them on the couch. So, make sure to grab some snacks and smoke it when there’s no task that needs one’s attention.

A marvelous medical cannabis variant, Willy’s Wonder is most indeed wonderful. With its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, the herb is effective in managing pains. People suffering from arthritis, migraines, and other body aches are greatly relieved of the physical agony within minutes.

This herb is also called William’s Wonder, named after Willie Nelson. A famous artist and activist, he advocated the legalization of marijuana. He even opened his own weed company in 2015, Willie’s Reserve.

The ganja is best consumed at the end of the day without any tasks at hand. Once the smoke enters the body, users will feel the cerebral buzz right away. It’ll skyrocket until it reaches soaring level. Then, a state of euphoria will dominate their emotions. Everything will seem positive and blissful.

Medical Use and Benefits

A proud carrier of the legendary Afghani genetics, the weed has been around for over four decades. The rest of its pedigree remains nameless, though. Nonetheless, the uncertainty does not stop users from smoking the joint.

Willy’s Wonder’s mean citrusy punch is best enjoyed at nighttime. One small puff is all take so go easy on this one. Sit back, relax, and savor it while it lasts. Not for new smokers, it can sweep anyone, even veterans, off to dreamland if taken a tad more.

As the herb leans more on the Indica side, relaxation is a guarantee within a few minutes. It will hold elated drifters into a warm, pleasant couch-lock if smoked in moderation. With happy thoughts and a head to toe calm, no self-confinement will ever feel this good.

Adverse Reactions

As the smoke roams inside the mouth, one can taste its tropical, citrusy sweetness right away. No wonder people enjoy it. With a hint of pine, the flavor clings to the tongue for a long time. It has a fruity aftertaste also makes users want more.

Willy’s Wonder’s exact origin and in-depth lineage remain shrouded by mystery. Still open to question, nobody really knows how exactly this cannabis came to be. Common sources say, though, that it was first seen on the 1987 SSSC (Super Sativa Seed Club) breeders catalog.