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wholesale marijuana seeds

Wholesale marijuana seeds

Pacific Seed Bank hits all the right notes when it comes to marijuana seeds. Our high quality feminized wholesale marijuana seeds are lab-tested with guaranteed genetics, and we never skimp on freshness or viability. Add to that our industry-leading 90% Germination Guarantee and you’ve got a real recipe for success. When it comes to serving your customers, settle for nothing less than the absolute best.

Wholesale Marijuana Seeds for Your Business

Placing a wholesale marijuana seed order with Pacific Seed Bank? You have options:

Blackberry Bubble Feminized Marijuana Seeds

We carry more than a dozen autoflowering cannabis seed varieties in our store, and every single one has the medicinal or generally therapeutic benefits most of us are looking for in an at-home grow. Autoflowering seeds are a great option for people who are growing indoors and have only a small space for their plants. Be it a cupboard or a closet, or a little grow tent in the corner, you might not have the room to grow four or five-foot tall plants. They don’t often grow taller than 2 or 3 feet, and if you choose an indica-dominant auto you can be even more sure of height: they tend not to grow once they’re in the flowering stage, so you’ll know within a few weeks exactly how tall your plants are going to get.

Wholesale marijuana seeds

If you are a wholesaler and want to buy our products in bulk at the best price, we have opened our store:

Why can we sell the best Marijuana strains quality at the lowest price on the market?

Our 20 years in the cannabis seeds industry allowed us to have contacts around the world so we can get the best elite clones to develop our seeds, at the same time our high volume of sales make possible to offer the best price if you purchase bigger quantity of seeds.

Wholesale Cannabis Seed For Sale

We have a qualified team to solve the doubts and questions of our breeders . In addition to a catalog with more than 500 bulk strains , Guaranteed Blimburn .