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who grows the best weed

In North America, this practice became widespread in the 1970s. Cannabis smokers long accustomed to spending considerable time pulling all of the seeds out of their stash quickly grew accustomed to a higher quality, higher potency, seed-free experience with sinsemilla.

The only location in the United States that’s ever been federally licensed by the DEA to grow cannabis is a 12-acre farm and indoor cultivation facility at the University of Mississippi. First opened in 1968, and overseen since its inception by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), the fully-legal operation primarily supplies cannabis to federally approved research studies, with “a typical outdoor growing season yielding over 1,100 pounds of plant material, while an indoor season yields about 22 pounds.”

George Van Patten (a.k.a. “Jorge Cervantes”)

“In this well-ordered garden, row upon row of buds were planted in rockwool cubes over slabs in trays containing nutrient solution, which dripped back down into the reservoirs,” reports Danny Danko, the magazine’s current cultivation editor. “This was not some closet grow with a couple of buckets of smelly dirt, but a laboratory setup capable of real production. Professor Afghani’s straight-forward article is a step-by-step review of the basics—from starting mother plants and rooting clones to irrigating the flower room and utilizing ventilation and CO2 enrichment to harvest over a million dollars’ worth of pot in a single year.”

Mahmoud ElSohly

The earliest systems for indoor growing reflected this pioneering DIY spirit, with plants remaining in soil, hand watered, under janky lights that had been repurposed from other uses.

Who grows the best weed

Nowadays, there is actually way more competition. Early on, it used to be that California had the best green, hands down. After the West Coast went fully legal, Washington and Oregon began to consume some of the Golden State’s hype, and then came in Colorado, the in-land, unexpected competitor that seems to just have totally nailed indoor growing methods on the head with a hammer.

Who are the Candidates?

The Bay Area definitely has a much trickier climate than Southern California, but part of the year it is possible to cultivate the green even outside, although indoor growing methods are normally preferred, especially in this densely populated area that consists of many big cities and a high population of residents. Oakland, San Francisco, and Chico in particular are notorious for their top-quality Mary Jane, as well as the culture surrounding cannabis.

The Consensus:

One aspect of Oregon cannabis that seems to set it above the rest is the affordability. Oregon, by far, has the greatest affordability of almost any other state, and for this reason you might even be able to purchase an out-of-this-world ounce for $200 or less. The price point alone might have you convinced that OR ganja is the best out there, but there is also some solid quality product being produced out of this forest-covered state.