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white urkle seeds

White urkle seeds

You want to buy White Urkle seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the White Urkle strain. White Urkle is known for the following effects:

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  • Sweet
  • Grapefruit
  • Flowery
  • Earthy
  • Pine

Buy White Urkle seeds

White Urkle reviews

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So fucking relaxed right now after smoking a half joint of White Urkle. My son is watching Minions and yelling at the TV pretending to be their leader. He’s also got his diaper half off with half of his ass hanging out. Normally this would bug the shit out of me because I know my night is gonna end up with me cleaning pee and/or poop off of the carpet. But I’m so relaxed right now that I just don’t give a shit because I’m so fucking relaxed from this pot that I’m gonna be stuck on the couch for at least an hour, so his Dad can clean up the pee and/or poop!

White urkle seeds

Sativa 50% – 50% Indica
Flowering Time 55-65 days
Yield – Medium

The Famed Purple Urkle clone was hit with our Reversed White male to create a very full figured plant that stays very stout. She is going to bring a very fruity fragrance to the smoke along with the color. Expect most phenos to turn purple. Yields will vary.

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