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white sumo seeds

White sumo seeds

White Widow Original, world-famous genetics in an auto-flowering variety. Buy your cannabis seeds today!

Flowering time and appearance of White Widow Original auto:

From cannabis seeds to yield in just 6 to 7 weeks. One of our fastest auto flowering strains in our Sumo Seeds collection. When growing outdoors it’s possible to get 3 harvests a year. The main weight will develop in the big cola. She won’t grow into a large cannabis plant when grown indoors with an height between 60 to 90cm. Outdoors she can reach a height of around 1 meter if placed in a large container. This will also increase her overall yield. A 20/4 cycle would be perfect, but if needed with a 18/6 light cycle you can still achieve the best results.

Effect + THC + CBD of White Widow Original auto:

A strong burst of euphoria with a mellow body high is the best way to describe the effects of the White Widow original. With shiny thrichomes covering the buds makes it a very potent auto flowering cannabis strain.

Buy White Sumo seeds

Buy White Sumo seeds

White Sumo specifications

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Read the White Sumo seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy White Sumo seeds.

About White Sumo seeds

There are 32 seedbanks selling White Sumo seeds, you have several options to buy your White Sumo seeds through a good deal.