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white kryptonite seeds

Kryptonite is a poly-hybrid marijuana strain that was created from several different outdoor pheno-types growing in the mountains of Granada, Spain, crossed with a selection of Pyramid’s own plants. The desired result was a sativa-dominant plant with a powerful and intensely narcotic effect.

Kryptonite is an 80% sativa strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors with relatively fast flowering times. Indoor growers will see their efforts rewarded with plants that grow to between 80 – 180 cm. tall yielding as much as 600 gr/m 2 in 60 – 65 days flowering. Outdoor growers will have taller plants at anything up to 250 cm. producing between 500 – 1000 gr/plant for a September harvest in northern latitudes. Its buds are long and thin, as is the case with many sativas, yet quite dense and heavy with resin.

The taste of this weed is similar to Haze albeit with an acidic after-taste which it gets from its Yumbolt component. THC production is 17% along with 1.9% CBD. Atypically for a sativa-dominant plant the effect is powerfully sedative/narcotic in nature allowing a deep feeling of total relaxation.

Were Superman real, we bet he wouldn’t shy away from a hit of White Kryptonite marijuana, a 50/50 hybrid that, with upwards of 25% THC, has the power to knock even the world’s strongest man out of this world.

White Kryptonite marijuana is a super 50/50 hybrid that will knockout stress and pain for a completely blissful and relaxing experience, enjoyed best with friends.


Best known for its hypnotic high, White Kryptonite marijuana will put you in a trance. From the outset, happiness envelopes you, thoughts are driven by cheerful euphoria, and social situations seem to be that much more enjoyable. As time passes, the indica portion of White Kryptonite creeps up on you, wrapping your mind and body in deep relaxation that can ease aches and pains for a restful evening.

The dense, popcorn-shaped buds of White Kryptonite marijuana are sticky with a frosty coating of crystalline trichomes, and the pungent, spicy-sweet aroma will tantalize your taste buds. In the garden, White Kryptonite marijuana seeds prefer a hand with some experience to offer its unique genetic profile the perfect mix of lighting, climate, and nutrients for a bumper harvest.