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what size pot to grow cannabis

What size pot to grow cannabis


Fabric containers

Common pots used for cannabis growing


Standard plastic containers are a popular option for growers operating on a budget. These pots are inexpensive, but still provide the essentials for your plants.


What size pot to grow cannabis

What size smart pot for indoor grow? A 3 to 5 gallon Smart Pot will be perfect! What about a Smart Pot outdoor grow? Outdoor growers can use very large Smart Pots.

Growing cannabis plants in pots requires growing media. Straight potting soil is the simplest, most widely available choice. If you have access to compost, this is an excellent way to grow organically by adding it to soil for a nutrient-rich growing medium.

So many different cannabis pots are available for growing weed! The best pot material for growing weed depends on the grow system and soil that you’re using. That said, don’t opt for materials like metal, clay, or terracotta. You’re better off with fabric pots that have more airflow.

Superoots Air-Pot

The right choice depends on several factors. How many cannabis plants do you plan to grow in containers? Do you plan to use a grow tent? Will you grow indoors or outside? What marijuana strain will you grow? How much available space do you have for your cannabis grow containers?

Rubber and plastic are probably the most widely used in nurseries and plants purchased for re-potting. A rubber plant container of the appropriate size makes a lot for sense for cannabis use. Many containers will shatter or chip with rough handling, but rubber bounces back and keeps performing for multiple grows.

Growing Media

Smart pots are the most commonly used pots for cannabis. Their only disadvantage is that they do not have rigid sides. Take care when moving Smart Pots!

Now that you understand what cannabis roots need, you can see why pot size is so important! But what pot size is best? Your marijuana plant will live in two or three separate containers during its life. You’ll use different pot sizes (in gallons or litres) each time.