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what kind of light do you need to grow weed

What kind of light do you need to grow weed

With all these variables in mind, you can then consider your options. Here are some of our favorite cannabis grow lights:


Whether you are new to growing marijuana indoors, or a certified expert, you will certainly agree that the Roleadro LED panel is an excellent option because of its versatility. Depending on the configuration of your indoor grow space, the Roleadro LED panel can be used on its own or in combination with other lights. This light emits both blue spectrum light and red spectrum light, meaning your photoperiod plants will have all the light they need.


Wattage refers to a light’s power rating. Pay attention to this number because it has a bearing on how many lights you will need. For example, if you have a smaller grow space, one light with high wattage may be enough. However, if the lighting you choose has low wattage, you will need additional lights to provide the proper coverage.

Make sure you have enough outlets and power available in your breaker board for your grow space to comfortably accommodate all equipment. Figure out all pieces of equipment, such as lights, fans, possibly an AC or dehumidifier, and calculate how much power they’ll require. You’ll be running this equipment every day for months, so if you don’t have enough power it can be dangerous. Never overload an electrical outlet.

The typical homegrower will only need one or two lights. Most states limit grow amounts to 6 or 12 plants, and one or two lights should be plenty for that. If you plan on running two separate rooms, one for vegetative plants and one for flowering plants, you’ll need two lights.

Plant stage

There are daylight bulbs and warm white bulbs; the former better for vegetative growth, and the latter for flowering.

One of the crucial elements a cannabis plant needs is light. During photosynthesis, a plant converts light energy into chemical energy, allowing it to grow strong and healthy, and with cannabis in particular, light also fuels bud production.

Other considerations when choosing a cannabis grow light

LEDs also typically run a lot cooler than HIDs, so you may not need extra equipment to cool down your grow space, and one LED can usually be used for both vegetative and flowering growth. Some high-end LEDs allow you to change the spectrum for each growth stage.

What kind of light do you need to grow weed

Bottom line: Choosing an LED grow light specifically designed for plants is a reliable way to ensure an abundant harvest.

Flowering phase

Clone phase

Technically, yes, any LED light can be used as a grow light. However, there are some that work better depending on the stage of growth that the cannabis plant has entered. Zartarian noted that any standard 150 watt LED white light bulb could adequately nurture a small cannabis plant in the early stages of life.

Are house lights good for plants?

Some of the reasons he touts indoor grow lights are:

Indoor cannabis grow lights offer several benefits and cultivators have virtually endless options to choose from, according to Michael Zartarian, an engineer at Zartarian Engineering and the RII Technical Advisory Council. “We are living in the golden age of grow lights. There have never been so many high-quality options available to home and commercial growers,” he said.

“Since the needs of humans to see are different than the needs of plants to grow, lighting solutions in your house are not designed to provide the spectra plants need for photosynthesis, and many cultivars will not get the light they need to develop to their maximum potential,” she elaborated.

What is the average cost of indoor grow lights?

Some plants, such as microgreens, may flourish under basic desk lamps, according to Zartarian. But cannabis plants need brighter and more consistent light to carry them into maturity. At the same time, cannabis plants need a so-called “dark period” during the flowering stage, but ample light is key throughout most of the marijuana plant life cycle.

“Generally, white light with a ‘bright white’ appearance is used for growing small and vegetative plants indoors,” according to Gretchen Schimelpfenig, RII’s Technical Director. Specifically, LED grow lights are the recommended type for indoor marijuana cultivators for the reasons listed in the section above. Enhanced organic compound expression is possible with LEDs, meaning growers may see enhanced cannabis properties.