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what is feminized cannabis seeds

What is feminized cannabis seeds

“Regular” (or non-feminized) seeds will produce about half male, and half female plants.

How Do Breeders Make Feminized Seeds?

Pros of Feminized Seeds

What is feminized cannabis seeds

Cultivators depend on feminized seeds for efficient growing cycles. (Courtesy of Mr. Sticky Farm)

If you have more questions about strains or seeds, keep digging through Leafly’s resources. And to learn more about the variety of feminized seeds available to you, visit Kannabia’s website to see its full line of feminized genetics, including strains like Diesel Glue and the award-winning Mataro Blue.

Why Grow From Feminized Cannabis Seeds?

Anyone who’s ever savored a joint owes their enjoyment to the fruits of the cannabis plant, but moreover, to the female of the species. That’s because only female cannabis plants produce the cannabinoid-rich flowers that deliver the flavors and effects consumers look for.

Growers can avoid spending weeks nurturing plants with only a 50% chance of expressing as female and maximize the space and plant count in their gardens by using feminized seeds from suppliers like Kannabia. These specially-treated seeds increase the probability of producing a female plant to 99%.

How Are Cannabis Seeds Feminized?

There are a few techniques that can produce reliably feminized seeds. One classic method is stressing out a healthy female plant by interrupting its light cycle during flowering. While that works to an extent, the more common and controlled method is to spray down female plants with a collodial silver or silver thiosulphate solution. This method makes it possible to control the sex of a plant without any genetic tinkering or modification.

What is feminized cannabis seeds

When you purchase a regular cannabis seed, there is a 50/50 chance that the plant will grow to be female. However, under certain stressful conditions, even a female plant can mature and develop intersexual tendencies.

Feminized seeds – Breeding to minimise intersexuality

Thanks for your comment and question. Although our feminized seeds are as stable as possible, and there’s no reason you can’t use them for breeding, it is generally advisable to use regular seeds if you want to try your hand at breeding.

10 Interesting Facts About Cannabis Seeds

Dude buy gem seeds and grow them. If worse comes to worse let them stay out a little bit overtime as long as you possibly can and you’ll have a ton of seeds good quality seeds just look at them especially when they’re white spot away from the pointy end is dead centre and has a crown on top of it like it’s coming up sore like an acorn that’s a woman. You’ll never have to buy weed again