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what do joe pye weed seeds look like

What do joe pye weed seeds look like

The flowers resemble berries and look attractive in a bright pinkish-purple shade. This species grows in moist woods and bottomlands in the American Northeast.

#3 – Sweet Scented Joe Pye Weed (Eutrochium Purpureum)

It prefers occasional deep watering to sprinkling, and it will appreciate a thick layer of mulch to help hold moisture around the roots.

Taking Care Of Joe Pye Weed

Because of its deep pigments, the seeds and the flowers also have uses in the creation of natural textile dyes in shades of red and pink.

What do joe pye weed seeds look like

You are looking at a specimen that is more than 8′ tall, that is bordering a wetland!

Medicinal Uses

Joe Pye Weed emerges later in Spring than many other plants, but earlier than the really late species such as Butterfly Weed. In my own experience, it emerges a week or two after you can see shoots from Golden Alexander (Zizia aurea).

Joe Pye Weed Natural Habitat

Powdery mildew can harm Joe Pye Weed. The powder itself will prevent sunlight being absorbed by the leaf (photosynthesis). This sunlight blocking phenomena can eventually cause the plant to shed leaves effected by the powdery mildew.

What do joe pye weed seeds look like

Joe-pye weed flowers were named after a New England man that used the plant medicinally for helping people with typhus fever. In addition to its medicinal properties, both the flowers and seeds have been used in producing pink or red dye for textiles.

What are Joe-Pye Weed Flowers?

Spring or fall is the most suitable time for when to plant Joe-pye weed. Due to the large size of Joe-pye weed, it makes a great background plant but also needs plenty of room to grow. In fact, they are best planted on 24 inch (61 cm.) centers as they will eventually form large clumps. When growing Joe-pye weed in the garden, group it with similar woodland plants and ornamental grasses.

Growing Joe-Pye Weed

Older plants can be divided and replanted in the early spring as new growth starts or fall. When the center dies out of Joe-pye weeds in the garden, then it’s time for division. You need to dig up the entire clump, cutting away and discarding the dead center material. You can then replant the divided clumps.