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weeds growing in walls

Answered 26th Sep 2019

Answered 26th Sep 2019

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Weeds growing in walls

Plants growing on a wall are effectively living on a cliff face. They have very little growing medium, may be subjected to windier conditions and will get limited water and this will usually dry quickly, unless yours is a water-splashed wall near a waterfall or leaky gutter, for example.

Because the planting spaces in a wall tend to be small, it doesn't work trying to push well-established plants into them. Even if you manage to squish a well-grown plant in place, it will be prone to falling out of the wall from not having had a chance to get its roots into all the crevices.

It's Not a Hanging Basket!

Plants which naturally grow cliff faces such as sea thrift are likely to tolerate growing in a wall and succulents such as stonecrop, which don't need much water, can work well. Plants with a trailing habit, such as ivy-leaved toadflax, are designed for cascading down rock faces or scree slopes and can thrive in a wall.

What Affects Plants Growing In Walls?

Birch tree saplings growing in a wall—probably not what you want!