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weeds growing in pavers

Weeds growing in pavers

How to get rid of weeds between pavers – easy hack using white vinegar (Image: GETTY)

Weedkiller: White vinegar’s high acidity is ideal for targeting weeds and removing them for good (Image: GETTY)

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Another method for quickly removing weeds between paving stones is to use baking soda.


Adding in salt and washing up liquid will tackle the weeds quickly, with results potentially seen within an hour.

Fill a spray bottle with undiluted household white vinegar. (Typically, with a concentration of 5% acetic acid. Make sure to label the bottle and keep out of reach of children.)

You can purchase organic sprays to kill weeds. Always read and follow the instructions outlined by the manufacturer. Follow-up applications may be required.

Leave the flame-treated weeds in place as removing them encourage root seeds and bulbs below to germinate. The burnt weeds will compost naturally in place.

Vinegar Spray

In the heat of the day, spray the undiluted white vinegar directly on to the leaves and roots of the weeds.

This method should only used by adults and should not be undertaken during times of high fire danger. Please check for any relevant fire restrictions beforehand.

Flaming Torch

Use a portable gas torch and slowly apply to all the weeds growing up between the pavers.

When the kettle has boiled, carefully carry it outside.