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weeds growing in hedges

Weeds growing in hedges

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How To Control Weeds Around A Hedge

Kerb or Gemstone Granules can be applied from October to April when the temperatures are cooler (generally below 8oC) It is particularly safe to use around trees and shrubs and will control a range of broad leaved weeds and grasses. It will have some control of weeds which are present at the time but will also offer long lasting control of germinating weeds.


Kerb Flo can also be used between October and April when the temperatures are cooler. Kerb flo will kill annual and grass weeds but will also control some broad leaved weeds including cleavers It is best applied using a knapsack sprayer so that you are targeting the spray directly to the areas around the hedging and are not wasting any chemical.

I have mature hedging all round my garden, the hedging consisting of dozens of different plant species, but mostly blackthorn, holly, laurel (I think) and box (?).

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Get the nettles before they flower or seed. They have big leaves, so I would think spot treatment of individual plants or patches should be fairly easy.

The bramble will be more difficult. If you are lucky, then spot treatment on the leaves will affect the whole plant. If not, you may have to cut it at ground level and paint a “brush-b-gon” type herbicide on the ‘stump’ (yes I know, a US brand, but it is a woody plant herbicide – eg. trees and shrubs)

Now that spring is here, you need to keep an eye on your planting to make sure they are not getting overrun with weeds. Keeping your hedge weed free is probably the most important thing you can do for your hedge whilst it is getting established.

Ideally get out all the weeds you can in early spring, before the soil drys out too much, and before pesky weeds like dandelions set seed.

Keep a check on the weed situation throughout the growing season and through out the first 2-3 years at least.