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weeds growing in gutter

Weeds growing in gutter

Your gutters should slope down towards your downspouts for better drainage. Experts recommend a quarter inch to half inch slope for every 10 feet of gutter. To check your gutter slope, climb up on a ladder and look down the length of your gutters. Look for any areas that are higher or lower. Sometimes you can bend the gutter hangers slightly to correct the slope. If the slope needs further adjustments, you can reset the gutter by removing hangers, reposition the gutter for the proper downward slope, and then reattach the hangers. An appropriate slope of the gutter is also critical to control mosquitoes – they prefer to lay eggs in stagnant water such as that found in improperly-sloped gutters.

A few simple tasks can eliminate gutter gardens. Inspect and correct the slope, keep downspouts clear and free of clogs, and regularly clean out your gutters. Then you can keep the greenery in your yard and out of your gutters! Another solution would be to have a K Guard Leaf Free Gutter System installed on your home – which would prevent greenery from growing in your gutters altogether! Learn more about K Guard below!

How Does This Happen?

You may have seen them around your neighborhood, or perhaps on your own house – weeds growing in the gutters. How does this happen? It’s easier than you think for the condition of your gutter system to deteriorate to the point where weeds can grow and thrive in them.

You should also make sure that your downspouts are not clogged. Clogged downspouts cause water to back up and sometimes overflow from your gutters during heavy rain; this will cause leaves and debris to collect in the overflow areas of your gutters. To clear a clogged downspout, often a hard blast from your garden hose will do the trick. Place the hose at the top of the downspout, wrap a rag around the head, and spray water down the downspout. If this still doesn’t clear the clog, you can use a plumber’s snake.

You’ll Never Find Weeds Growing in a K-Guard Leaf Free Gutter System!

Gutters can become the perfect spot for weed and tree seeds to germinate. If your gutters don’t slope down enough towards the downspout, water will drain more slowly during a rainstorm; this causes leaves and other debris to build up in your gutters. Over time, the leaves will break down, creating composted material that wind-blown seeds find perfect for germination.

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Posted by Stephen McKenna at 16:50, Sat 15 August 2015

Marked as “in progress” by Royal Borough of Greenwich

I can confirm that Webb Road was sprayed on 7th August and you should see signs of the weeds dying off. We are due to start the 2nd application this week. With regards to soil in the gutters once the weeds have died off our Street Cleansing team will remove the weeds on their scheduled sweep.


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If I can piggyback on this complaint. Same story in streets around SE3 0NE. (picture taken in Wricklemarsh Road)

Posted by Royal Borough of Greenwich at 10:21, Mon 14 September 2015

By this time in the year the Council would have been around and done a tidy. It looks like they maybe skipping this task due to cutbacks. It's not just the weeds, but also a surfeit of litter.