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weed growing youtube channels

The Cannabis Training University is another cannabis-related YouTube channel that focuses on business. With their material, this network of educators wants to empower and educate cannabis users across the country.

It’s ideal for viewing on the move or at home while rolling a few joints.

Jeremy Deichen has launched a new video series called Growing Exposed. Amanda Mackay hosts the show, which has been dubbed the MTV Cribs of the weed business. Growing Exposed has devised a novel method of exposing the once-closed world of business leaders’ secrets.

Cannabis Saves Lives! is a YouTube channel that offers a look inside the field of medicinal cannabis. Patients may learn more about outdoor growing techniques from a real medical cannabis professional in this section. Furthermore, the channel has intriguing material about CBD and dogs, a growing trend as medicinal CBD becomes more widely available across the country.

14. Cannabis Training University

You may be a weed veteran that could learn more about cultivating, a newbie who wants to learn a mix of cannabis and culture or someone who is simply intrigued by the possibilities of weed. Regardless, YouTube offers a channel for everyone’s preferences and has evolved into a valuable educational and entertainment resource.

Paul Tokin (tokinGLX) is one of the most well-known cannabis personalities on YouTube. He’s been creating videos for a while now, and his mission is to “spread seeds of One Love, one video at a time.” Paul Tokin is a Denver resident who films his toking exploits every day.

Leafly is a prominent online cannabis magazine, so this channel contains a lot of what you’d expect from one: product reviews, strain reviews, and a few mini-episodes about different aspects of the industry.

3. Mr. Canucks Grow

Erick Khan is one of the more laid-back YouTubers you’ll find, as well as one of the most consistent in terms of video creation. Khan has over 48 million views on his YouTube channel and broadcasts a variety of videos, ranging from discussing the rise in vape-related diseases to his personal smoking sessions, which people seem to love watching.

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Weed growing youtube channels

Erick Khan is one of the most informal YouTubers out there, and also one of the most consistent in terms of providing content. Khan has more than 48 million views and posts a variety of videos ranging from explaining the sudden vape illness that appeared last year to his personal smoke sessions, which people, for some reason, enjoy viewing.

Cannabis is a growing industry and, as such, there’s a lot of content available on the internet. Weed enthusiasts have come up with websites, Instagram pages and Twitter accounts, all looking to find new and creative ways of engaging with marijuana. YouTube is a different matter entirely.

YouTube has been called out for blocking the content of LGBTQ creators and other subjects that might be deemed inappropriate. When talking about weed, the channels out there are facing a complex battle against censors and viewers who consider their content inappropriate.

Still, there are some weed YouTubers who have managed to make reliable and steady cannabis content, catering to people who have medical questions, want to learn how to plant and grow marijuana, or simply want to look at someone discuss their opinions on different strains of weed.

Erick Khan

There are some weed YouTubers who have managed to make reliable and steady cannabis content.

As a platform for monetization, YouTube is a challenging space for many different creators. In order to develop a following and make a profit, YouTubers need to find ways to avoid triggering the site’s filters, which are meant to keep harmful content off the web.

YouTube is a challenging space for many different creators. Photo by / Photo: Getty Images

Four weed YouTube channels worth watching Back to video

Strain Central is a YouTube channel developed to educate people about cannabis and breaking outdated stereotypes. The program host differentiates himself from the rest by discussing his personal experiences with drugs and educating others on how to take tolerance breaks.

Jorge Cervantes is another online presence who has published books and content on how to plant and grow weed efficiently. Cervantes has published all sorts of articles on different websites. His videos are a digestible way of consuming complex content that can be hard to access for newbies.

GreenBox Grow teaches you how to grow top-shelf marijuana right in your backyard via step-by-step videos and guides. They also offer a Cannabis Growing Hotline which you can text or call with any questions.

Punch the search term “growing marijuana” into YouTube’s search bar and you’ll find a seemingly endless stream of videos. Some are high quality and super helpful, others are just average Joes and Janes sharing their personal growth experiences. You’ll also find several channels that focus exclusively on growing. Here are the marijuana-growing YouTube channels with the most subscribers and videos.

Bill is a legal ACMPR licensed medical cannabis grower who also runs a Patreon channel. Views can ask questions and get answers as well as suggest content.

It’s been 11 months since this channel posted a video, however, they have 20,000+ subscribers and an archive of 88 videos on growing marijuana.

GreenBox Grown – 44.2K subscribers, 117 videos

Bill Ward – 65.2K subscribers, 150 videos