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weed growing in fish tank

Then you’ll need to create a media bed for the plants. Some growers use one big flood tray for a number of plants, and some use individual pots, as in the graphic above.

A tricky thing with aquaponics is being able to balance the fertilizer from the fish that goes into your plants. If growing with aquaponics, be sure to have a firm grasp of nutrients and pH levels, and how to balance them.

Aquaponics is a growing technique that combines two efficient systems: Aquaculture, a process of farming fish such as tilapia, koi, or bluegills, and hydroponics, a method of growing plants without soil. When the two are combined, you can create a nearly closed loop system that produces both plants and fish for consumption.

Some fish need warmer water than others, so you may need to invest in a water heater or be sure your setup is in a warm place. Some fish are also bigger than others or more difficult to maintain, requiring more labor or money.

Common challenges when growing weed with aquaponics

Here are types of fish most commonly found in aquaponic setups because of their low maintenance and versatility:

The other main difference is the cultivation of fish in addition to cannabis.

Some considerations before choosing fish for your aquaponic setup:

Disadvantages of growing weed with aquaponics

Growing weed in a hydroponic setup can be challenging enough, and growing in an aquaponic setup is even more difficult. Growing with aquaponics is not recommended for first-time growers.

Aquaponic setups are very similar to hydroponic setups, but the source of nutrients for plants is different—nutrients come from the waste of the fish. The plant roots absorb the nutrients and then purify the water before nutrients are returned to the aquarium. Fish food is the only input you’ll need, and this can be grown or purchased.

Weed growing in fish tank

As a smalltime grower, you can expect a good harvest by employing aquaponics even with less quantity of water and unproductive soil. However, if you wish to focus only on nurturing marijuana through aquaponics, then you should ensure that your setup generates good amounts of nutrients. Marijuana plants feed heavily on nutrients, particularly during the vegetative and flowering stages.

Farming marijuana using Aquaponics: The ecosystem

When it comes to growing weed in a sustainable and eco-friendly, the aquaponic system of farming is your best bet. However, you’ll need to be quite experienced in hydroponic cultivation for making optimum use of aquaponics. Additionally, you’ll have to invest heavily for establishing an aquaponic system.


An aquaponic system can function efficiently with a very little quantity, compared to other agricultural methods. Since you need to recirculate water in the fish-tank periodically, actual water needed for operating the system is very less.