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weed growing guide pdf

This series of Grower Guides for beginning specialty crop growers offers resources for beginning farmers focused on organic and sustainable production practices, small-scale diverse systems for direct marketing, and production efficiencies to help small-scale producers develop economically and environmentally sustainable operations.  The guide was funded by a California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) grant through the Specialty Crop Block Grant of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Organic and Sustainable Seedling Production

T his brief guide to organic pest and disease management reviews general management strategies, then describes options for reducing the occurrence and impacts of the most common pests and diseases affecting dry-farmed tomatoes, potatoes, winter squash, peppers, and bush beans on California’s Central Coast. Much of the information provided is based on the UC IPM website (

Organic Pest and Disease Management for Selected Crops on California’s Central Coast

Growing your own organic seedlings offers many advantages, including control over varieties, quantities, and timing. This grower guide describes how to efficiently and effectively grow vegetable and flower seedlings for organic operations using environmentally responsible practices.

Weed growing guide pdf

Eric Furlong with Next Adventure

Edible plants are never allowed in green street planters.

“[Working with the Green Street Steward program] is the right amount of social time, activism, and conservation.”

Once you adopt a green street, we’ll contact you to schedule a quick training at your adopted green street. You can also check out our maintenance video (offered in Spanish and English) instead of meeting with us on site.

Do You Want to Become a Green Street Steward?

Green Street Stewards adopt a planter and volunteer to:

Krista Jackson, volunteer coordinator for the Surfrider Foundation Portland Chapter

To find a green street near you that is available to adopt, use this map. A green street finder is also available at the signup link below.

What Green Street Stewards Don’t Do

“We thought [being a Green Street Steward Business Partner] would be a great opportunity for our business to show how we can improve the cityscape and improve a business storefront, so we gladly got on board.”

Green Street Stewards are not allowed to prune or trim plants that the City has put in the planters. This is because the plants have important stormwater management functions. Trimming the plants could harm that function. You may be subject to a City fine for removing, pruning, or trimming plants in green street planters.