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weed growing gifts

Weed growing gifts

Besides, even if some people could find it a tad geeky, for passionate growers it’ll always look cool to have their special cultivation gear and uniform, and could a utility holster look any more professional?

If this is one of the first times this person is growing their own marijuana, then chances are that they still need to get some essential tools, such as pruning scissors, gloves, a yarn ball, plashing bottles, the LED loupe mentioned in chapter 3, and any other gear you might find interesting at the nearest grow shop.

While some of the magic of the holidays can get lost when we look at all of the marketing and promotions going on around us, we should never let anyone or anything take away the true magic of showing love and appreciation for the ones we care about the most in this time of the year.

6. Harvesting and Cultivation Tools Kit

And when we truly love someone, we want the present for them to be just perfect, although such parameters can put a lot of pressure on ourselves. So, if it turns out you have a close relative, friend, or special someone who is a stoner, perhaps one of the following items could be the perfect gift for them.

Delfina Nuñez

7. Phone Camera Lens

Now if all fails, or your friend/relative already owns most of the items mentioned on the list, someone is an enthusiast, then why not get them a gift card from the grow shop nearest to their place.

Besides these buddies will make great plant guards, and with so much more style than any regular gnome or scarecrow.

Weed growing gifts

Light Emitting Plasma systems are the next level of indoor growing technology and truly mimic bringing the sun indoors. When you supplement your Gavita DE with the new 41.01 LEP, you get a full spectrum that’s powerful and brings out the best in your genetics, triggering more trichome, terpene and flavonoid production. Suitable for damp environments and with no moving parts, as well as a seven-year lifetime before having to change the lamp, these could be the last grow lights you ever buy.

Across International went back to the drawing boards to make a better vacuum oven from the ground up. The newly re-designed Elite Series has one of the top, if not the best, temperature uniformity in the market. At just 3 percent uniformity, you’d be hard pressed to find a thermometer that could even pick up any differences. Put this in line with a good vacuum oven and a cold trap to consistently generate the best product your starting material allows you to.

Using a torch to heat your nail is an imprecise way to reach the proper temperature for the most flavorful hits. That’s why we love the affordable new Gnail from Emotek, home of extract artist GiddyUp. The coil heats to the exact temperature you desire, with a dual power switch, digital LCD display, 5ft power cord, 4ft coil and USB port for charging your portable devices.

Pressing buds for solvent-less rosin is becoming popular, but the key to a good yield is consistency in heat, time and pressure. Say goodbye to hair straighteners and step up to the EZ Squeeze Pneumatic Rosin Press . The dual digitally-controlled heat plates provide up to 3000 pounds of force. The EZ Squeeze requires a 150 PSI air compressor and has a 90-day limited warranty.

Many different options allow you to customize these units to fit almost any sized room or application. Their customer support team and easy-to-understand website can easily help you figure out which system is right for you.