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weed growing apps for iphone

– Excellent grower helper
– Create your plants with the plant planner
– Create your environments (Indoor or Outdoor)
– Create reminders for actions like Watering your plants or applying fertilizers(nutrients), or any other activity related
– Log everything you do so you can create Growlogs or track problems from seed to harvest

Use the plant planner & plant journal features of Jane and easily set plant reminders to water or feed your plant. Don’t ever wonder why your plant failed to grow as you planned.
Manage the growth smartly and plan everything with plant reminders and turn each of your plant growing into success.

Simplifying homegrown cannabis, you don’t need to be an expert to start growing.

1.0.3 Release
– Fixed issues with visualization of environments
– Adjusted styles for different screen sizes
– Improved photo uploading system

Your plant's photos can be your own thing. Take photos and create notes for any of your plants and keep them securely on your device without them appearing in your gallery. Especially useful for cannabis growers who might hand off your phone to friends or family. The photos of your weed strains are just for you!

1.0.5 Release
– Updated our branding to reflect our new identity, Grow with Jane!
– Fixed issues with photo uploading and language and setting selectors.

Grow With Jane is the complete and most useful tool for plant growers. With logs, reminders, fertilizers, grow logs, plant journal and more, you’ll surely succeed flawlessly from seed to harvest. This intuitive plant grower helper will make things truly easy and be your guidance and help throughout the whole harvest process. Ideal for cannabis growers.

Weed growing apps for iphone

Whether you have 2 plants or 2000, there is a lot of data floating around your grow. We help you use that data to gain insight into what works and what doesn’t.

Every decision we make, must benefit growers first. That is our promise to you. Our business is to connect the cultivation community and help you grow better.

Because your trust is important to us, we stay on the cutting edge of security. We are commited to keeping you and your data anonymous and secure.

Anonymous, Secured

From your garden or around the world, you can easily manage or check the status of your grow. Securely synced between your phone, tablet and desktop.

Data Insight