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weed growing apps for android

Weed growing apps for android

The whole service is loaded with so many tools and features that it may be too much for the home grower but is definitely worth a try for large-scale growers.

Like they say, “there’s an app for everything” so why shouldn’t there be one for growing cannabis? As expected, there are a lot since marijuana is big business and on its way to becoming completely legal in the US. However, app stores, especially Google’s Play Store, are littered with marijuana apps that offer little to no value while some are even scams.

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Like TRYM, Canix is a seed-to-sale software and ERP that focuses on compliance with marijuana regulations. It is loaded with features and tools including Barcode/RFID Scanning, Inventory & Sales Management, Quickbooks Integration, Yield Reporting and more. As you may have expected, software this powerful does not have a free version, but even at $300/month it is well worth its price for marijuana businesses looking to increase their profit margins and avoid compliance issues.

Apps for commercial growers

When it comes to medical marijuana, it’s not all about the THC. MassRoots: Medical Cannabis is not not so much about giving growing guidance, but it is a big help for medical marijuana growers and users who need to be more selective of the strains and products they use. It is also a social app where you can show off your plants and share your knowledge with the community. However, the app is only available to users in states where medical cannabis is legal.

Similar to Grow with Jane, GrowBuddy is a cannabis grow journal that provides you with helpful growing insights based on the data you log into it but compared with GWJ, it looks more capable for handling the needs of growers with more plants, like medical marijuana caregivers. It also has some social-driven features like a Q & A knowledge base that users can contribute and upvote answers and a marketplace for various marijuana cultivation products and equipment.

Grower Helper is thought to be a direct competitor to Grow With Jane and GrowBuddy. Although it is also a tracker app, it focuses more on tracking and reminding you of every minute task related to growing your marijuana. If you feel that some of the other apps are a bit too much, you may like Grower Helper instead.

Grow Journal Apps for the Home Grower

One of the problems with a hydroponic grow setup is nutrient dosing. Thankfully, there’s already an app that solves that. BudLabs is an app specifically designed to aid hydro growers of all levels with their nutrient tasks and those handling multiple crops will find it particularly helpful.

Smartphone grow apps typically help growers by providing helpful insights generated through analytics based on data the user logs. Such apps also usually come with other tools like unit converters, calculators, and a social function that lets users connect to others in the cannabis community to exchange questions and answers.

Weed growing apps for android

Marijuana is one of the most popular recreational drugs in the world. It also has scientifically-backed medicinal use as well. People all over the world use it, write songs about it, and enjoy the culture. It’s all but completely legalized in parts of the United States and is at least partially legal in a growing number of countries all around the world. There are a lot of ways to interact with the weed industry. Here are the best weed apps to get your foot in the door.

The best weed apps for Android

Cookmate isn’t a weed app on the face of it. It’s a recipe app that lets you build your own cookbook. Edible recipes aren’t exactly difficult to find, but it’s difficult to keep track of the ones you like. This app lets you input the exact cooking method, ingredients, and you can even take pictures so you know what it’s supposed to look like. You can also share recipes to friends who also use the app and parse recipes you find online. Your recipes can be uploaded to Dropbox or exported to SD card for easy backup as well. You can also create a backup and share that backup to Google Drive if you want to go the easy route.


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