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weed grow time lapse seed to harvest

Weed grow time lapse seed to harvest

​We’ve covered single plants to massive grows, and now we go microscopic. We highly recommend you roll a joint before enduring on this ​micro level timelapse journey. The only thing missing is narration from David Attenborough.

​There’s just something ​fascinating about watching nature unfold into big, beautiful buds. So we collected our favorite time-lapse videos featuring flower​ over the course of their lives. Watch, enjoy, and be a little bit jealous of the internets best grow vids.

Yet another video from fuzzy grow – but it’s just so easy to get lost in his collection. This time we see the deep blues and purples from Cheese and White widow coming to life.

This first gorgeous video is from reddit /r/microgrowery, and shows a 2 month flowering timelapse of Critical Kush from fuzzy grow (a long time member known for his beautiful time lapse grow videos).

​Not much detail here, just a simple homemade grow vid to look and appreciate.

​Another submission from r/microgrowery (if you’re not a member then you should drop in), once again from Fuzzy Grow. This time with Blue Cheese and LSD ​(the cannabis strain of course.)

​The final flowering stage of Tangerine Dream serenaded with the music from Halcyon + On. Another golden submission from the folks over at /r/microgrowery.

​Now it’s time to get into a massive grow project within a greenhouse, and it’s just like watching a forest come to life.

​An absolutely gorgeous video spanning 71 days – this a rare and beautifully shot ​from seed to harvest.

Weed grow time lapse seed to harvest

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