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weed grow tent

Weed grow tent

Quickly Create the Perfect Environment

After everything is set up, turn on your grow light and exhaust fan for a day to test out your new space.

At its simplest, a grow tent just needs an exhaust fan and a grow light. At this point you’ve already created a great cannabis growing environment! See a grow journal in this setup!

Weed grow tent

What do the Chinese emperor Shen Nung and the ancient Romans and Greeks have in common? Cannabis (the seed, fiber and leaves). They all used it for medical purposes. And they are not the only ones.

weed grow tent with LED lights

Of course, not everyone has acreage to grow the plant, but the alternative of a grow tent comes in handy for small scale consumers.

The Truth About Cannabis

Before spreading to countries like Spain and Chile, marijuana history shows that it was consistently used in the Islamic empire.