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weed grow tent ventilation

Weed grow tent ventilation

First, hang the wicker blinds in your window like normal. Air can escape through these blinds, but you can’t see through them to the other side. They are commonly used in bedrooms and other windows that lead into private areas.

All the air in the tent should be replaced by new air every 1-3 minutes for the best results. I recommend aiming to replace the air every one minute unless you live in a cool place. You can calculate the strength of exhaust fan you need based on the dimensions of your grow space.

Relatively small grow light (under 300W)

Designing an efficient exhaust system will be much simpler if you take the time to understand airflow in a room – the whole idea of setting up an exhaust system is to create negative airflow in the grow space or grow tent so that any hot air is regularly replaced with new, fresh cool air.

Easy “Exhaust System” Example (No Ducting)

When in doubt, it’s usually better to get a bigger exhaust fan than you need, as long as you can adjust the fan speed. You can always turn down the fan if it’s moving too much air. You could also use a speed controller or put the fan on a timer if the exhaust fan is moving air out of your space too fast. There are often times during a grow where it’s helpful to be able to move more air, so size up if you can when it comes to exhaust fans.

600W grow light (true power draw)

An exhaust system ensures that all the air in the grow space is replaced regularly, so plants stay cool, get a fresh supply of CO2, and live in the right humidity. It’s important for plants to be exposed to fresh, moving air for the best growth rates. Learn more about temperature and humidity.

Placing Fans In The Grow Area

Tip: Make sure there is no extra slack in the ducting if possible. you will need extra ducting to be able to adjust your lights, but use something like binder clips or chip clips to bunch together extra ducting.

The AC Infinity Cloudline Series is the quietest exhaust fans we’ve used. In my experience…

Weed grow tent ventilation

The needed extraction power depends on both the growing space and the lighting system used. The more light output we use, the more potent the extractor fan must be (this works also for the dimensions of our growing space). It’s all about perfectly matching the operation of this devices.

Which extractor fan do I need for my cannabis growing space?

In all cases, the airflow capacity of the intractor must always be lower than the extractor capacity, specially when using carbon filters (thanks to the pressure all the odorous air passes through the filter). Generally, a simple inline fan will work perfectly as intractor.

Using cooltubes in indoor growing tents

In this table you can see which extractor should be used according to the growing area and the lighting system.