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weed grow tent small

Weed grow tent small

I’m relatively new to growing in a mini tent, but it’s been so fun that I had to share Here’s what I’ve grown in this tent so far:

I love growing in a mini tent so I completely understand why you’re interested in trying it yourself! You can use these tents for your seedlings and clones, or you can even grow a few small plants from seed to harvest. Many different models in this size are available on

This grow is currently in progress, but here they are at 38 days old from germination

2nd grow under a HLG 100 Quantum Board (100W LED grow light)

I’m using the 2’x2’x3′ Grow Tent by CoolGrows. I’ve tried a few different grow tents in this size, and so far I like the CoolGrows version the best.

Weed grow tent small

Since reviews can be faked, you should find products that have a large number of reviews.

Generally, cuttings are placed into cloning machines or trays with a humidity dome.

Many grow tents offer plastic side mounts that the aluminum poles are placed into. These are easily broken, and you must be cautious when assembling grow tents with these.

Small grow tents handle the pungent aroma of cannabis better than their larger counterparts. This is because the overall space of a small grow tent doesn’t require a large ventilation and carbon filter system.

Relevant Features

Well built with minimal to zero light leakage, 96% reflective Mylar material on average and heavy duty zippers make this a really good option for any hobbyists or cultivators struggling with both space and funds.

A quarantine zone is a fantastic idea in the event that you purchase clones from another grower.

Small lights can easily be installed, and 1-4 cannabis seedling trays can potentially fit within.

TopoLite Small Grow Tent

During their time in the vegetative station, you can identify the males from females if growing from seed.

In general, your vegetative station should have at least 300-watts of light from T5s or metal halide. This is the perfect amount of light to efficiently illuminate a small grow tent.

Weed grow tent small

When it comes to light leakages, they can be a problem with many tents. That is why Cool Grows manufacturers designed the material to go over the zippers. The removable spill tray on the floor allows for getting rid of extra water and dirt from the inside an easy task.

The frame consists of metal bars so it will hold the tent up for many years of usage. The setup of ports for ventilation and electricity is excellent. The tent is a very efficient growing space.

A small grow doesn’t necessarily mean small returns though, but, you do want to be growing as efficiently as possible.

CoolGrows Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Adding special features to your shopping lists like hydroponic capabilities or lighting can make your search even harder. Look for features lists over size, because darling, it’s not all about the size but how you use it.

After hours of scouring basement dweller covert indoor grow forums we’ve finalized the following list of tents that are both big sellers, highly reviewed, and are made by brands that have a track record of producing quality tents.

When it comes to micro growing, choosing the right strain is very important due to the limited space available. One of the things to watch out for is the height of your strain. Sativas grow higher and more slender than indicas, which tend to be short and bushy.

Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line

Gorilla tents are reputed and most trusted name in grow tent manufacturing, they produce professionally designed grow tents that are ideal for experts and beginners.

Also, during the flowering phase sativas undergo a 200-300% increase in height, while indicas increase only by 50-100%, which shows that indicas are more well-suited with micro growing.