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weed grow pics

Weed grow pics

Probably the biggest window-grown cannabis plant I've ever seen, click the pic to see the fulll-size version!

I had my Huckleberry plant out on the deck during plant maintenance and this bumble bee decided to stop for a drink. It turned out to be a long drink. It couldn't fly for an hour.

"Big thanks to Nebula and Sirius @GWE. This is my first grow, unknown Nirvana freebie. Indoor box grow with 2×2.5 scrog. Grow lights were 200w MH veg – 300w HPS bloom. For nutrients and supplements I used Jungle Juice, Big Bud, Overdrive, Lots of high stress training including supercropping.

This sole surviving [ Heavy Weight ] Massive Midget (AUTO FLOWER) ended up yielding OVER A POUND of dry bud! (about 19 ozs.)

My hydro system is:

Lots of growers send in pictures of their growing cannabis plants to GWE, and we wanted to share some of their amazing pictures and testimonials with you!

Hello, I live north of the arctic circle. Took 3 seasons to learn enough to efficiently grow autos in my little green house. Bud shots are Blue Dream and Purple Kush. Grew 10 strains this season, all did good, and after 1 1/2 months of cure got some killer smoke, and getting better daily, or so it seems. Last season averaged around 1oz/plant, this season a little over 2oz/plant. Can't wait until next grow, try some stuff to boost production.

This little girl is my first attempt at cannabis cultivation relying solely on the great info and guide found here @ GWE. I'd love to send a HUGE THANK YOU to the GWE crew. This grow inspired me to scale up dramatically, with great results thus far. (grow parameters changed constantly as I scaled up on equipment as budget permitted (white widow from seed) Mostly CFL w/ 600w HPS grow lights for the last 4wks, Ocean Forest cut w/ coir and perlite. Used Dynagro Bloom nutrients as augment in flowering stage.

I used grow stones for medium (liked, and will use again).

Weed grow pics

Fast-forward two months and, instead of the towering THC-laced tannenbaum I was hoping for, I was headed into Christmas week with a seedling — all of 5 inches tall — curving out of its pot at a 45-degree angle. Since A Pot for Pot purchases include growing consults via email, I sent off a few photos and a plea for help. A few days later, I heard back from an upbeat consultant named Taylor who wrote: “Thanks for reaching out! What a cute little plant!” Then came the bad news: Based on the photos I’d sent and the timetable I’d described, Mariah wasn’t going to get much bigger. Taylor’s theory was that I had probably waited too long to transplant Mariah from her seedling cup to her 5-gallon fabric pot, unintentionally creating bonsai bud in the process. But the silver lining, as Taylor pointed out, was that because of her stunted size, there would be more than enough nutrients in the soil mix to support a second attempt in that same pot.

In early July, the curing phase of Operation Ganja Green Thumb hit Week 8. From the beginning of this botanical adventure, this was the moment I’d been thinking about and waiting for, with visions of sticky bud dancing in my head. Now was the time to literally taste the fruits of my labor, to consume something I’d planted and watched grow to maturity. This was the culmination of my very first seed-to-sesh journey, a chance to bring the lessons of my growing-up years and my enthusiasm for cannabis full circle all at once. The time had finally arrived, and, even without fear of legal retribution, I found myself reticent to pack a pipe or roll a joint and take a taste of my own medicine.

If you’re wondering why on God’s green earth anyone blessed with the SoCal sunlight would choose to grow a cannabis plant indoors — and shell out money for a light to do it to boot — it’s worth a slight detour here to give you the straight dope on growing your own dope in the state of California (and, by extension, Los Angeles, because the city doesn’t have its own regulations addressing personal cultivation).

But the desire to get my grow on also has a lot to do with how I grew up in rural Vermont.

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