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weed grow box reddit

Weed grow box reddit

Cost: $2350 + shipping

4.) I'm a complete rookie, but willing to do the trial and error and to do any and all research necessary. I expect to fail a few times until I get a handle on the process, but the the more automated, the better.

I am hoping to get community feedback on the cabinets that look like they would meet my needs and to foster a discussion on the merits/drawbacks of each.

So with all of this in mind, I have been looking at the various ads around the community and considering buying one of the standalone grow cabinets. Plug and play. I'm looking for maximum automation and ease of use while still being willing to put in whatever required work and effort is necessary

2.) I am not a handy person. Constructing this myself is NOT an option. Yes, I have been told how easy this kind of thing is. Assume it is simply beyond my expertise. Seriously. I know it would be a lot cheaper. I can't hang a fucking picture on the wall. I envy those of you who can build, but I can't and am therefore willing to spend a premium on a high quality, pre-constructed grow solution.

So I'm asking this as mostly as primarily a thought experiment and secondarily for straight up advice.

Cost: $1600 + shipping

As for simply hiring someone, that's mostly a safety factor. I just want to order from some company, have them ship it to me, plug the sucker in and worry about the actually cultivation aspects from there as opposed to construction. From what i'm reading it looks like the cabinets on the market are VERY overpriced for what you get. I suspect that this is because the market is still pretty young for this kind of thing. As time goes on, many entrepreneurial types will come in and create a more robust solution.

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Weed grow box reddit

I hope someone would give me a job in the industry. I love continuous innovation.

Well, yes and no. It’s essentially a durable applicance, akin to a fridge, range, or dishwasher. But one which doesn’t naturally wear out from use – in a way which necessitates re-buying the whole grow appliance.

There’s a booming industry for contractors who build grow rooms. Not just tents, but a nice walled room with designated ventilation and electrical GFIs, etc. Think of it as the wine cellar of the legal marijuana age.