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weed grow box no smell

Weed grow box no smell

2.) Match up CFM rating between fan and carbon filter

Ona Gel in the original scent seems to be the most effective for covering up marijuana smells in our tests. With a few flowering plants in a grow tent or closet, you will be able to cover up almost all smells with one or two of these placed outside the grow room.

How to Find & Install The Right Carbon Filter

Generally, they seem to last at least 4-6 weeks for most growers, which is long enough for a few of these to provide coverage throughout the smelly second half of the flowering stage.

If you need to neutralize the smell coming out of your exhaust, a carbon filter (#1 on this list) is highly recommended. You could also have your exhaust air blow over an Ona product right before being vented outside. It is not recommended to use Ona products in your grow area alongside your plants. Ona products are meant to be used outside the grow area.

Weed grow box no smell

However, they aren’t potent enough to cover the strong smell of flowering marijuana

For instance, you have a 4×4 grow space:

I’ve found that carbon filters are less effective in humid conditions. If your growing conditions permit, keep the humidity level below 70%.

I suggest putting the gel on your carbon filter or exhaust hose.

Can Air Purifiers Remove Odor in a Marijuana Grow Room?

Sometimes, ionized carbon molecules inside the filter’s main cylinder trap those compounds.

Likewise, creating a good airflow across your growing space keep humidity levels and temperature stable.

Keep in mind that removing all air particulates results in unhealthy air in your grow room. Hence, the secret is to control the odor.

Effective Solutions in Controlling Odor in a Marijuana Grow Room

The trichomes are the molecule factories that create plenty of aromatic compounds.

Here are the top techniques to eliminate the smell from the grow room or tent that every grower can attest to.