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weed bus grow tour

Weed bus grow tour


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A Window Into All Things Weed. Welcome to Seed & Smith, Colorado’s premiere craft cannabis producer. This experience is for discerning enthusiasts who appreciate quality and are curious to learn about high-end cultivation and extraction. You’ll ride the 420-friendly bus to the most amazing “visitors center” imaginable, then shop at the boutique dispensary.

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Explore THC In Its Purest Form. Looking for a discreet, smoke-free way to consume? Wondering what the dab scene is all about? The marijuana concentrates class is for you. Enjoy a deep dive into cannabis concentrates, learn about new products and state-of-the-art consumption methods, and visit a dispensary on the 420-friendly bus.

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Three Days. 420 Everything. A three-day vacation package with all the best activities and a 420-friendly hotel stay.

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Weed bus grow tour

420 Cannabis Experience начинается в Universal Studios Hollywood, недалеко от студийного тура Бербанка. Встретив свою группу и предъявив паспорта, вы сядете в свой комфортабельный зафрахтованный автобус.

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Прогуляйтесь возле дома для выращивания, известного созданием культового сорта каннабиса, известного как Skywalker OG. Здесь вы можете лично познакомиться с процессом выращивания, чтобы из первых рук узнать, как выращивают каннабис для продажи и потребления.


Ваша последняя остановка в туре будет The System, заводским складом AMG, где вы получите щедрую и эксклюзивную скидку 50% на все товары, сделанные на месте.

– We do have limited parking available for $15. Please be sure to add parking when purchasing seats to ensure you get a spot!

Will I smell like smoke?

Only Weed Bus gets you this close to the action. Bring a camera never know when we will spot a celeb!

Suit up and walk through a live 220,000 sq foot grow


Do you have parking?

– We love support friends! Everyone has fun

– All signs point to yes. Please plan on arriving 30 mins early to check in and shop for goodies with your 20% off. If you miss the bus please call (855)WEED-BUS and meet us at the first stop!

Classes are perfect for any party! Birthdays, Bachelorette Parties or a Baby Shower where guests can actually have fun! Ask one of our cannabis concierges for party upgrades including balloons, cakes, booze and more!

– All sales are final. Tour days and times can be changed up to 7 days prior to even $20 change fee will be charged

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