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weed and feed new lawn seed

Weed and feed new lawn seed

That being said, too much can lead to burning and using the wrong fertilizer can have far-reaching effects on the soil in your area.

How to Choose the Best Fertilizer for New Grass

Compost is the best and most natural fertilizer that you can have available at your fingertips, and I try to apply a thin layer of compost to my entire lawn at least once every two years.

When to Fertilize New Grass

Sometimes a quick-release starter fertilizer after your young grass is already growing can burn it, which is why I recommend applying something else after your seedlings are more established.

Weed and feed new lawn seed

That low-quality grass seed that seems like a great buy? You’ll think differently when grass seed doesn’t germinate, but weed seeds do. Buying quality grass seed produced by a trusted company is the most economical and satisfying choice in the end. With Pennington Seed, exclusive Penkoted seed technology also protects seed with a layer of fungicide and growth stimulant that ensures healthier, better growth from the start.

Grasses peak in growth during these times, and moderate temperatures help seed germinate and take root. Working with nature to give grass an advantage gets your lawn started on the right foot.

4. Choose the best seed.

Take time for a simple soil test and you’ll save yourself guesswork and wasted effort. Conditions in your soil, such as its pH level or percentages of organic matter, influence how well your new seed will grow.

Starting a new lawn from scratch may seem like a formidable task, especially if you’re new to home ownership or working on your first lawn. But planting a lawn from seed is easier than it seems at first glance. All you need is the willpower to make it happen—and good information to guide your steps.

2. Test your soil.

Your local retailer will generally have grass seed suited to where you live, so your lawn can handle your area’s winter cold and summer heat. If your lawn has lots of shade and trees, look for labels that specific grass for shady lawns. With Pennington Smart Seed grass seed, you’ll also improve your lawn’s sustainability. Once established, Smart Seed saves you up to 30 percent more water than ordinary grasses, year after year.