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Choosing the Best Water Soluble CBD Manufacturer

Water-soluble CBD is one of the latest and greatest additions to the vast assortment of wholesale CBD products available on the internet. This type of CBD extract can do things that other extracts can’t, and it’s ideal for a variety of products that were previously difficult to produce. Learn more about what water-soluble CBD is and does, and find out how to select the best water-soluble CBD manufacturer to power up your products.

What is water-soluble CBD?

As its name suggests, water-soluble CBD is a type of CBD extract that dissolves in water—something other types of CBD can’t do. By binding CBD with a special hydrophilic carrier, this naturally lipid-soluble cannabinoid becomes dissolvable in water-based substances.

The benefits of water-soluble CBD don’t end there, though. As an indirect consequence of making CBD soluble in water, this cannabinoid can kick in faster and might absorb more fully before it’s excreted. As a result, water-soluble CBD is now in high demand for all types of CBD products, not just-drinks.

Is water-soluble CBD full-spectrum?

Yes, it’s certainly possible for water-soluble CBD to be full-spectrum, which is a type of CBD extract that contains up to 0.3% THC. Water-soluble CBD can also be broad-spectrum (the same as full-spectrum but with no THC) or isolate (consisting only of the CBD molecule)

Which is better: CBD oil or water-soluble CBD?

Oil-based CBD extracts certainly have their place. Due to their increased versatility and enhanced bioavailability, however, water-soluble CBD extracts are becoming increasingly popular for products that are designed to offer quick and potent benefits.

Is water-soluble CBD the best extract type?

Some people would consider water-soluble CBD to be the best type of CBD extract available since it offers increased benefits without many considerable downsides. It remains a fact, though, that oil-based CBD extracts are still easier to use with certain product formulations, and water-soluble CBD can cost more than oil-soluble CBD concentrates.

What are the benefits of water-soluble CBD?

The three primary assets of water-soluble CBD are enhanced bioavailability, faster activation, and compatibility with a wider array of product types. Let’s take a look at each asset in a bit more detail:

Offers enhanced bioavailability

Due to its hydrophilic properties, water-soluble CBD absorbs into bodily tissues more easily, resulting in higher bioavailability. As the measurement of how much of a substance your body can use before it is excreted, bioavailability is a key determiner of both the value and effectiveness of a CBD product.

Activates faster

Since they are hydrophobic, oil-based CBD extracts take longer to absorb into your bloodstream. The same hydrophilic properties that make this type of CBD extract more bioavailable, on the other hand, also cause water-soluble CBD to deliver its desired effects more quickly.

Compatible with a wider array of product types

Water-based products like drinks and facial serums simply aren’t compatible with lipid CBD extracts. CBD oil separates in water, defeating the purpose of infusing it in the first place. Water-soluble CBD, however, remains dispersed throughout liquid volumes for months at a time.

Water-soluble CBD: Pros and cons

Let’s quickly summarize the pros and cons of water-soluble CBD before moving on:

  • Improved bioavailability and activation times
  • Compatible with water-based products
  • Currently a hot topic among CBD consumers
  • Expires faster than oil-based CBD extracts
  • Usually more expensive than conventional CBD

Best product types for water-soluble CBD

Using water-soluble CBD is more advantageous than relying on lipid-based CBD extracts in a surprisingly wide range of situations. Certain types of products, however, are better suited for water-soluble CBD than others. Let’s explore the product categories that will benefit the most from featuring water-based instead of oil-based CBD:

Premade drinks

Pre-mixed drinks like bottled water, sports drinks, and soda are ideal targets for water-soluble CBD. Water-based beverages simply aren’t compatible with oil-based CBD extracts unless heated, which has resulted in water-soluble CBD opening up entirely untapped segments of the hemp market.

Drink mixes

Dried drink mixes are just as ideally suited for water-soluble CBD as pre-mixed drinks. Due to the cost of shipping, developing drink powders that consumers mix at home often offers higher profit margins.


Water-soluble CBD isn’t just for water-based products. The improved bioavailability and absorption times of water-soluble CBD also make this type of extract desirable in more conventional products like tinctures.


Just like tinctures, softgels can also benefit from containing water-based instead of oil-based CBD. Consumers won’t even know the difference until their CBD gel caps kick in faster and more potently than they’re used to with conventional options.


Water-soluble CBD is now even a popular option in gummies . As awareness of the enhanced benefits of water-soluble CBD grows, expect it to become the default type of extract in high-end, extra-potency CBD products.

How do I find a reputable water-soluble CBD supplier?

There are now lots of companies that sell water-soluble CBD, but only one wholesale water-based manufacturer will be the right choice for your brand’s needs. In general, look for a professionally run company that produces its own products from start to finish and answers all your questions in a timely manner. It’s also very important for bulk CBD companies to be fully certified.

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Hallmarks of the best water-soluble CBD manufacturer

Some of the features you should look out for in a water-soluble CBD private label manufacturer include:

Full vertical integration

In the CBD industry, full vertical integration is when a CBD contract manufacturer has total control over its production process from seed to sale. Vertical integration ensures a reliable standard of quality that can be missing when products are handed off to subcontractors as they are manufactured.

Abundant certifications

Reputable CBD white label manufacturers actively seek out all relevant certifications. Any water-soluble CBD manufacturer you’re considering working with should clearly post its certifications and be available to answer any questions regarding its certification efforts.

Product customization

Reliable private label CBD manufacturers do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. While plenty of pre-made products should be available, the manufacturer you choose should also be able to work with you to produce custom products tailored to your specific needs.

Impeccable communication

From your first interaction onward, the water-soluble CBD producer you select should be consistently available to answer questions and provide all the information you need to know. You should be provided with a dedicated business development representative who is knowledgeable regarding all product options and committed to providing you with an ideal solution.

Selecting a water-soluble CBD manufacturer: The bottom line

Water-soluble CBD may currently represent the pinnacle of hemp extracts, but that doesn’t mean every manufacturer takes the same amount of care when producing their water-soluble CBD products. Take your time to shop around, and don’t settle until you’ve found a partner company that truly understands and can act upon your specific needs.

At GVB Biopharma, we go out of our way to acquire every possible certification and offer total transparency. Whether it’s to regulators or potential customers, we open our doors to anyone who wants to verify the quality of our work, and we take pride in our total dedication to customer satisfaction. To learn more about how GVB Biopharma is leading the way in water-based CBD manufacturing, contact us today.

Water-soluble CBD FAQ

If you have any lingering questions regarding the benefits of water-soluble CBD, check below for answers:

1. Where can I find water-soluble CBD powder for sale?

Water-soluble CBD powder is now widely available on the internet in both bulk and consumer quantities. If you want to harness the benefits of water-soluble CBD in the products you offer your customers, GVB Biopharma is one of the world’s premier providers of this innovative and versatile type of hemp extract.

2. Can you drink water-soluble CBD?

The short answer is yes. Water-soluble CBD drink mixes or pre-mixed beverages are drinkable. Please note that Water-soluble CBD drink mixes should be combined with an appropriate liquid prior to ingestion. There are some water-soluble CBD products that are not drinkable. Water-soluble CBD is extremely versatile and is used in gummies and capsules, which are solid objects that cannot be drunk.

3. What are the best water-soluble CBD gummies?

Many premium water-soluble CBD gummies available online contain either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum water soluble CBD extract and feature natural or organic ingredients. While they might offer better bioavailability and activation times than gummies containing oil-based CBD extracts, that doesn’t make water-soluble CBD gummies immune to the dangers posed by low-quality or contaminated CBD extracts. Always choose a reliable white label manufacturer to ensure you are providing your customers with safe, high-quality products.

4. How long does it take for water-soluble CBD to kick in?

Compared to oil-based CBD extracts, which take around 30 minutes to activate when ingested orally, you should feel the effects of water-soluble CBD within 15-20 minutes. Some users report feeling the effects of water-soluble CBD even faster.

5. How long do the effects of water-soluble CBD last?

The effects of water-soluble CBD usually last the same amount of time as the effects of oil-based CBD extracts. When taken orally, for instance, you should feel the effects of water-soluble CBD for around 3-5 hours.

6. Is CBG water-soluble?

Like CBD, the cannabinoid cannabigerol (CBG) can also be formulated into water-soluble extracts. Whether it’s CBD, CBG, or CBN, GVB Biopharma is one of the world’s premier suppliers of water-soluble CBD extracts featuring each of the internet’s most popular cannabinoids.

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CBD oil is often considered to be the best way to use cannabidiol. While there are many ways to do it nowadays, and it seems like each day, there’s a new method coming out, sublingual CBD ingestion is still seen as “the way to go”. In this article, however, we’ll take a look at the best water-soluble CBD oilan interesting alternative.

Water-soluble CBD oil brands are quite different than simple CBD oil ones – that makes sense, given the fact that the products differ so much, too. Worry not – after we go over what “water-soluble oil” is, we’ll check out some of the customer water-soluble CBD oil reviews. Our list will look a little something like this:

Ready? Let’s jump right in!

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Best Water-Soluble CBD Oil: What is it, and Why Does it Exist?

Research claims that the Cannabis sativa plant has been one of the most studied plants over the past few years [1] . Scientists have found that there are over a 100 different cannabinoids in the plant – some good, some not so much. That said, cannabidiol – CBD – is one of them.

As I’ve mentioned in the introduction part of the article, CBD oil is still the most popular and well-known method of consuming CBD. That said, the best water-soluble CBD oil is going to be quite different from standard CBD oil.

How is that, you may ask? Well, water-soluble oil will dissolve when you drop it into water. Standard CBD oil, however, is fat-soluble – it would float on top of the water, without dissolving. It’s worth pointing out that even the best water-soluble CBD oil isn’t actually water-solubleinstead, it just acts that way due to its composition.

Many customer water-soluble CBD oil reviews will tell you that, in order to create water-soluble oil, you have to apply something that’s called “nano-technology”. Basically, a CBD brand would break down the cannabidiol into super-tiny particles, so that it would act in a water-soluble way.

OK, that’s all fine and dandy… But what the actual point in going through all of that effort?

Before I tell you, I have to state – this isn’t yet “proven” by science to be absolutely true. While CBD is a contentious topic in of itself, even the best water-soluble CBD oil is no stranger to this phenomenon – CBD companies speculate about the benefits of such oil, but concrete evidence is still yet to be displayed.

That said, it is believed that the best water-soluble CBD oil is much easier to ingest and take in, when compared to the standard, fat-soluble oils. Also, the user should be able to feel the effects faster, although there’s little speculation about those effects lasting longer.

With all of that being said, let’s move on and talk about some of the best water-soluble CBD oil brands, shall we?

1. Hemplucid – Full-Spectrum Water-Soluble Oil

Ranks #1 out of 7 CBD Oils

Whenever you go and search for customer water-soluble CBD reviews, you’re likely going to notice that Hemplucid is a frequent name that keeps coming up. Usually, it will be at the top of the lists.

Hemplucid offers customers a variety of different Nano-CBD products – for example, it is considered to be one of the best brands to purchase CBD wax from. That said, in this article, we’re looking for the best water-soluble CBD oil – the brand has that, too.

Hemplucid’s CBD oil is full-spectrum. What this means is that it’s going to be one of the most potent options around. If you didn’t know, there are three main groups of CBD productsfull-spectrum, broad-spectrum and isolates. Each of them have their own benefits and shortcomings, and will thus suit different people.

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Speaking about benefits and shortcomings, while full-spectrum CBD oil is going to be the strongest and most potent version of cannabidiol out there, it will also contain some THC – a psychoactive drug substance that makes people feel high when they smoke cannabis.

If you’re purchasing the product from a trustworthy brandHemplucid is often considered as such -, the THC levels shouldn’t breach the legal 0,3% mark. Still, you should be very careful and look into full-spectrum products a bit deeper.

Hemplucid also grows the hemp from which they make their version of the best water-soluble CBD oil in the US. Locally-grown hemp is always the way to go, since you can then rest assured that it’s going to fall in line with all of the rules and regulations.

What is the Price of the Hemplucid CBD Oil?

Hemplucid’s pricing options look like this:

Considering that it’s a full-spectrum product, the prices are pretty good!

2. American Shaman – Different Potencies Available

Ranks #2 out of 7 CBD Oils
  • + Full-spectrum and isolate options available
  • + Decent pricing
  • + Multiple flavor options
  • The isolate option might be too weak for some CBD users

As the name of the company likely implies, American Shaman makes their version of the best water-soluble CBD oil within the US. Many people actually underestimate this, since it’s something that’s common with top-tier CBD product providersit’s still worth pointing out, nonetheless.

You see, if the hemp used in the production of the products is grown, farmed and then processed in the US, it’s going to fall under all of the important regulations in place within the country. The farming processes will be monitored by the USDA, the production will also be regulated – because of this, the customer can rest knowing that the product isn’t some shady knock-off.

American Shaman also offers its water-soluble oil in two different versionsfull-spectrum and isolates. While having a choice like that is pretty rare, it’s actually awesome – whether you want the full cannabidiol experience or just pure CBD, you’ll be able to find the best option for yourself!

Customer water-soluble CBD reviews also note that the products will be good for pressure and stress relief, and might have anxiety-alleviating qualities.

What is the Price of the American Shaman CBD Oil?

A 30mL bottle (with 300mg of CBD) of the American Shaman “best water-soluble CBD oil” will cost you $59,99. You can also choose from different flavor options – Cherry Limeade, Grape, Natural, Pina Colada and Lemon.

3. Infinite CBD – Nano-CBD Isolate

Ranks #3 out of 7 CBD Oils
  • + Hemp grown in Colorado
  • + CBD isolate – pure cannabidiol
  • Might be too pricey for some

Infinite CBD offers customers what they call “Nano Enhancer” – their version of the best water-soluble CBD oil on the market. Reading through some customer reviews, it would seem that this product does have some decent qualities.

First of all, it’s an isolate – the Nano Enhancer comes with 1,5mg/drop of pure CBD. This means that the THC levels in the product should be completely undetectable. That said, the product being an isolate, it will also lack some other cannabinoids, too – that’s just how it is.

The hemp from which Infinite CBD produces its Nano-CBD oil is grown in Colorado, US. Truth be told, that’s surely the most popular place to grow hemp – customer water-soluble CBD reviews might tell you that most of the high-end CBD brands grow their hemp there.

What is the Price of the Infinite CBD Nano-CBD Oil?

The prices for the Infinite CBD version of the best water-soluble CBD oil are:

Truth be told, considering the sheer quantity options of the oil, the prices are pretty good!

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