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washington recreational weed growing

Washington recreational weed growing

Your average 21+ year-old is not permitted to grow weed plants in their backyard or hallway closet. In fact, cultivating marijuana for personal use is prohibited in the state. This is a surprise to many out-of-state visitors who come from other legal states where home cultivation is permitted under certain terms.

Growing cannabis in Washington is not legal…usually

Our growers have decades of cultivation experience…and, for the first time ever, legal jobs.

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If you are a medical patient who is not enrolled in the state’s database, you can still grow up to four plants.

Washington recreational weed growing

The intricacies and variables of growing high-quality produce remain trade secrets, but Cihlar said if cannabis amateurs want to try it, they need to be prepared for investment of their time and resources.

Some of the aspects that need to be considered before growing plants involve spacing, lighting, watering, nutrients and especially good ventilation. For outdoor grows, some strains can require up to a hundred square feet per plant, but the House bill states plants must be out of sight and smell from the public. Cihlar said indoor grows can be stacked, but ventilation is important for healthy plants and homes.

Legislation authorizing personal cannabis cultivation may be taken up again in 2022 or reintroduced in next biennium

Damages to homes caused by indoor grow operations were one of the reasons for House Bill 1019 to retain the rights of property owners to prohibit the cultivation of cannabis.

54% of Bellingham housing units were renter-occupied in 2015, according to the 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates for Bellingham housing.

For those who are thinking of taking on this hobby, Cihlar said it will need investment and time, and that it might fail to achieve a decent outcome.