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voodoo child seeds

Voodoo child seeds

Michael (verified owner) – May 12, 2021

Super service,well packed en recommended

Look for more information about Dragon Fruits on our page: Dragon Fruit

Nikos V. (verified owner) – March 24, 2021

Additional information

MANOLIS R. (verified owner) – July 8, 2021

Small, Normal, Large

Nice healthy cutting

6 reviews for Voodoo Child – Cuttings

Beautiful big and healthy cutting! The best cuttings I ever got!

Voodoo Child is a fast grower and a very fertile dragon species. Like all the dragons, the plant prefers a bit of shade on the ground. The fruits are small and can reach a weight of 300 grams. The flesh is red and the taste is very juicy and sweet-tangy like a grape. The plant is a self-pollinator.
Be on time with harvesting, because with a rain shower a ripe fruit can burst. And do not give water 2 days before harvesting the fruit. The taste then becomes less.

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