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unforgettable seeds

Unforgettable seeds

We are continually searching for the best plant varieties out there and in our quest we have uncovered the most impressive Sweet Peas yet. ‘Sweet Seduction Sweet Peas’ were bred for the cut flower market; they are vigorous with long, strong stems and flower freely, exuding a delightful cloud of perfume. We are totally impressed with their vigour and lovely long stems.

Sweet Peas are quite clever as they can bloom in two different seasons. Basically, if you plant them in spring, they will bloom in autumn and vice versa. There is around a 12 week wait from planting to bloom.

A beautiful bicolour with a strong fragrance. The petals are a sensational combination of mauve blue and cerise purple.

Make sure you keep your Sweet Peas well watered, if they dry out they are likely to go to seed sooner. If the flowers are allowed to develop into seed heads the plants will stop blooming.

Plant your ‘Sweet Seduction’ Sweet Peas in humus rich, moist well drained soil. They will produce plenty of flowers if they have a nutrient rich base. It is a good idea to add regular doses of fertiliser, slow release or liquid to encourage strong growth and lots of flowers. Plant in a sunny position and ensure good drainage and air flow.

What are the ingredients of Honeymoon?
Galatea’s new flavour is a combination of wildflower ripple, sesame paste and sesame seeds. The first of these is a syrup with the typical colour and aroma of wildflower honey, combined with turmeric root, fibre and plant extracts. The ice-cream chef can use as much or as little as they choose to made a more or less intense end product. This is mixed with the paste and the toasted sesame seeds, which tone down the sweetness and fluidity of the honey.

Do you want to offer your customers the goodness of Honeymoon?

Why should people lose themselves in the flavour of Honeymoon?
Because there’s no other flavour like it in the ice-cream counter. It’s a journey into the memories of each one of us, a sweet embrace with the warmth of honey, the creamy coldness of ice-cream and the intense hit of sesame seeds. A series of contrasts in texture and temperature which encapsulates all four seasons of the year: very special.