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Types of weed plants

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To choose the type of marijuana seed that best suits your preferences, you need to know that there are different types of weed plants and what their main characteristics are, shall we go with it?

Different types of marijuana seeds

Marijuana seed are classified into 3 main categories:

– Regular marijuana seeds:

The seeds of regular marijuana, are the natural state in which marijuana plants grow in the nature, without any type of genetic intervention. The seeds of regular marijuana, usually are used as mother plants for the hybridization and creation of new varieties.

– Feminized marijuana seeds:

Feminized seeds are the most suitable for growing seasonal marijuana, you are guaranteed to grow female plants and if you have time to wait between 6-8 months you will harvest the most productive plants and normally with a higher concentration of terpenes and cannabinoids.

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– Auto-flowering marijuana seeds:

The seeds of autoflowering marijuana are born of the crossing between plants of marijuana of season and a variety of cannabis known as Ruderalis, that grows naturally in the Siberian steppe. They have a small size and a period of bloom really short. Auto-flowering plants, have a high cold-resistance and, as its name suggests, they do not rely on the photo-period to complete their cultivation cycle.

Now that you know the 3 great types of marijuana seeds that there are, I am going to introduce you the different families of marijuana seeds that you can find in our Online Growshop.

Hybrid marijuana

Hybrid cannabis varieties are the most popular at present, noted for having a balanced phenotype ranging from (80% indica / 20% sativa) and (20% indica and 80% sativa). If you want to grow plants with the best of both phenotypes, these are your seeds.

Blue Marijuana

One of the most beloved types of weed plants, for its magnificent sweet taste and its incredible beauty, which acquires blue tones worthy of the best Vincent van Gogh’s painting.

Purple Marijuana

When purple marijuana seeds are developed, they are a visual spectacle, They stand out for its delicious flavor to wild and sweet berries, with an excellent productive capacity and that, submitted to low temperatures, it acquires a beautiful purple tonality. The greatest sample of its greatness is the all-powerful Blueberry, one of the genetics that must be cultivated at least once in a lifetime.

Easy to grow marijuana

When someone begins to cultivate marijuana, needs to know that the problems are minimal, for this reason we have created a category in which you will be able to find marijuana seeds easier to grow. You will know the most resistant plants to plagues, humidity and that better resist overfertilization. Whether you’re a first-time grower just starting out or just someone looking for an easy harvest without too much work, these strains may interest you.

Very potent marijuana

For the lovers of high altitude experiencies, we have selected for you the most powerful plants of marijuana of the world, so that you can enjoy an anthological high. These plants of cannabis with high THC, are not suitable for any smoker since they are capable of knocking down the most expert and tanned in battle. Do you dare to cultivate strains with a level of THC close to 30%?

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More productive marijuana

If what you are looking for is a crop that gives you a very strong harvest, you must know this type of seeds. Have you ever imagined harvesting a plant of 3 kilograms? Or an auto plant of more than 250 grams? Well, trust me, it is possible if you choose the right genetics.

Types of Marijuana Seeds: Sativas Auto

The marijuana Sativas Autoflowering varieties have a relatively short history, since in its beginnings the automatic versions of season varieties, were all Indicas, mainly by its fast flowering. Currently with autoflowering versions up to 5 º generation, have managed to stabilize Sativas autos varieties, with the usual levels of THC by the clouds and excellent productivity, and best of all, finish their growing cycle in less than 3 months.

Types of Marijuana Seeds: Faster Marijuana

If you are looking for a short flowering, in this category you will find the fastest marijuana seeds on the market. These plants are perfect for growers who live in areas where the summer is shorter and need to collect as soon as possible, or for those who simply prefer to enjoy their weed as soon as possible. Whatever the reason is, here you have the fastest seeds of the Cannabis scene.

Types of marijuana seeds: Auto XXL

Who said autoflowering varieties weren’t productive? After many years of work and selection, it has been possible to isolate the most productive and vigorous specimens and combine them with each other, creating very productive and good-sized autoflowering varieties known as Auto XXL. Here you can find the best selection of XXL autoflowering seeds and enjoy lots of buds in 10-11 weeks.

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Understanding the Different Varieties of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are to marijuana what grapes are to wine. Each seed gives birth to a marijuana plant, but there are countless varieties with their own distinct differences. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different marijuana strains today with more popping up on a constant basis.

Exploring the Different Types of Cannabis Seeds

Each different cannabis seed will produce a uniquely different plant. Each strain has its own flavor profile, aroma, resin content, cannabinoid and terpene balance. Where the plants are grown, how they are harvested, processed and a variety of other factors decide how the bud will turn out.

Comparing marijuana strains to wine is a great way to better understand the small yet important differences.

Indica and sativa are two major differentiating factors among cannabis plants; these parallel the red and white wine varieties.

The specific genome of grape decides the type of wine produced; Merlot, Shiraz and Pinot noir are a few different types. But these types differ from vineyard to vineyard, year to year and even bottle to bottle. Marijuana is very similar in this respect, each strain, each grower, and each grow will yield a slightly different result.

We aren’t going to list all the different cannabis strains, but we will explain a few of the different types of cannabis seeds. From the regular old marijuana seeds that your parents grew, to the newer feminized and autoflower varieties that have become massively popular.

Autoflower Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis ruderalis , commonly known as autoflower, is one of the most popular types of cannabis used by home growers. Autoflower plants do not require a different light cycle in order to flower, meaning you can plant them virtually anywhere and harvest 7-10 weeks later.

Autoflower cannabis strains generally yield less than regular marijuana seeds, THC content is usually lower as well. However, the CBD content in autoflower strains is quite high, making them a perfect option for medical users.

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Originating in Russia, cannabis ruderalis was first discovered in 1942 in southern Siberia. Breeders often mix cannabis ruderalis genetics with more potent indica and sativa strains, resulting in an easy to grow plant with a higher than usual THC and CBD level.

We recently had a chat with the folks over at Crop King Seeds and they told us their autoflower strains have quickly become one of their most popular sellers. With more and more baby boomers looking for alternative remedies for arthritis, chronic pain and depression, these easy to grow varieties are a perfect match for inexperienced and well-seasoned gardeners alike.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Marijuana plants can be either male, female or hermaphroditic. If you are growing cannabis to consume, and you aren’t a breeder, then you will want to make sure all of your plants are female. Male and hermaphrodite plants will pollinate the budding female plants and cause them to grow seeds instead of pouring their energy into growing lush, resinous buds.

It only takes 1 male to pollinate an entire crop of female plants, essentially ruining your yield. If you notice a male or hermaphrodite plant in your crop, it is important to remove it and isolate it from the rest immediately.

Feminized seeds will result in a female cannabis plant about 90% of the time, the outliers will be hermaphrodites. Regular seeds will have a 50/50 ratio male to female, making feminized seeds much more desirable to most growers.

Feminized cannabis seeds are created by breeding two female plants. Both the ‘eggs’ and pollen come from genetically female plants. This can be done a couple of different ways.

How Feminized Seeds Are Made

The natural way to create feminized seeds is to allow one female cannabis plant to stay in the flowering stage a couple of weeks beyond normal. The plant will begin to create pollen in a last ditch effort to produce at least a few seeds and reproduce.

Another way to make feminized seeds is to spray a colloidal silver solution on a female cannabis plant everyday for about 2 weeks right when it enters the flowering stage. This forces the plant to develop male pollen sacs.

There are also methods that intentionally stress out a female plant until it begins developing pollen sacs. These tactics are best left to the experts though as they are less reliable and harder to do.

Regular Marijuana Seeds

These are the seeds that most people know and love. Regular seeds require a bit more attention during their growth cycle, ensuring the light cycle changes to enter the flowering stage. They are also unpredictable when it comes to sex, expect a split between male and female plants, depending on how lucky you are.

High Times did a comparison between AK-47 seeds, testing the regular seeds vs the feminized seeds. Regular seeds resulted in a slightly taller plant, 34” to 40”, where the feminized plants were slightly shorter, 25”-34”. Despite the size difference the feminized seeds actually yielded more bud, about 12 grams more per plant on average.

There is still much debate as to whether or not regular seeds provide a more consistent genetic make-up. Some growers prefer to use regular seeds and cull the males, while other growers prefer the feminized seeds.

Germinating Seeds

This is the first, and arguably the most important part of growing a cannabis plant. It is so important because it is easy to mess up and you will end up with useless seeds that won’t grow.

Using this ‘two-plate germinating process’ you can optimize your chances of a successful cannabis seed germination.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

  • Take one large dinner plate and lay down a layer of moist (but not soaking) paper towel.
  • Place your cannabis seeds on the paper towel, giving them plenty of space between one and other.
  • Lay a couple more layers of damp (still not soaking) paper towel on top of the seeds.
  • Place another dinner plate (upside down) on top. This will create a clam-shell, shielding the seeds from light. Be sure there is plenty of space between the plates so the seeds can get plenty of oxygen.
  • If you are germinating the seeds in a dark room, you can omit the second plate.
  • Place the seeds in a warm room (around 21° C), be sure they are far away from any direct sunlight.
  • Check the seeds everyday to ensure the paper towel doesn’t dry out. If it gets dry, simply mist it with water from a spray bottle. Again, be sure not to over-water the seeds because they will drown.
  • The cannabis seeds should crack and start showing a root within about 3-days, but it could take as long as 2-weeks.
  • Once the roots are a few millimeters long, it’s time to transfer them to a pot filled with soil.
  • Make a small hole for the seedling to sit, you want the seed to sit a few millimeters under the soil. Place the seed down root first.
  • Expect the seedling to pop through the soil after one to three days.
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Final Words

Once you decide which type of seed fits your preferred growing style, you can browse the massive catalogue of strains offered by the world’s top cannabis seed providers.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each style of seed, but for beginners we suggest opting for a feminized autoflower variety. This eliminates the need to be a pro in identifying the male plants that can ruin an entire crop and simplifies the growing process. Once you feel confident with your ability to grow and identify cannabis plants, branch out and experiment with different seeds and / or cloning techniques.

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We’ll keep you informed of any developments.

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