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tropical cake seeds

A citrus and sweet seed that is a perfect 50-50 hybrid genetic strain. This seed is insanely delicious and crosses a world-famous wedding cake with Tropicana cookies. This is a female seed type with an auto-flowering period. This fruity and deluxe seed is brought by world-renowned brand Growers Choice.

Tropicana Wedding Cake Auto Cannabis Seeds from Growers Choice

Growers choice started out as a group of explorers and researchers in the cannabis seed market. Learning how to combine the best breeds for optimum genetic outcomes. They have been on a passionate venture that hasn’t stopped since by listening to the needs of their consumers, building long-lasting partnerships with breeders and continuously learning new techniques. Growers’ choice started out by focusing on the quality and process of their cannabis breeding rather than a quick growth. This has certainly paid off in the long run. For many years Growers choice had been selling out their seeds to other companies before focusing inward on the development of their own brand. This has allowed them to stay up to date and constantly innovative with techniques and technology that floods the cannabis industry.

An Experienced Cannabis Seed Company

Seed City is the go-to place for your finest seed collection needs. Founded in 2012 as a small start-up, they have grown with their customers due to their high-quality services. Customers rave about their support team as well as the low prices and high quality products seed city has to offer. Specializing in auto flower, female and regular seeds. There is something for all your collector needs. Female seeds are modified to be female plants, while regular seeds are untouched and can be either male or female. On the other hand autoflower is much newer and does not require the need for a light cycle. Seed City takes many ways of payment and offers low prices, quick and discreet shipping worldwide.

Cheat day or not, cut yourself a slice of Birthday Cake Kush marijuana and cut yourself some slack – relatively easy to grow, this potent hybrid reeks of vanilla cake and happiness, and is a perfect way to end your day!


If Birthday Cake Kush marijuana is burning in the vicinity, you won’t be under the impression that someone is baking, but there is a strong aroma of sweet vanilla, with characteristically skunky and earthy notes that let you know weed is near. On the tongue, you’ll enjoy the complexity of this strain, with hints of sweetness, nuts, and butter that hit all the right notes.

If you happen to be counting your calories, we know one way to cheat on that diet without really cheating – a sampling of Birthday Cake Kush marijuana will stave off cravings for sweets and have you feeling happy and decidedly heavy, the perfect end to a good meal and a good day.