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triple diesel seeds

Not as tasty as we expected, it was a pretty standard Diesel type taste, with a soil tinge similar to what was presented in the smell. There were no traces of the NYCD or Strawberry Diesel influence with their brand of sweetness, it was mostly just a fuel and soil taste, but not a particularly pungent one. It burned down to a medium-light gray ash, showing that it had an above-average flush job.

This is one of the real “crusher sativas” that almost mimics an indica couch lock with its oppressive head high. We’ve found this in other diesels as well. The popularity of the standard Sour Diesel has pushed forward the palette for various Diesel varieties.

Sour Diesel x Strawberry Diesel x NYC Diesel,

Soily and slightly sweet in the jar, it breaks up to produce a fresh menthol-tinged soil scent when handled. It reminded one reviewer of freshly torn mint leaves… The pungency was pretty average, but it was enough to be noticed without being right near the bud.


Major cerebral soaring rush, facial and occular pressure building for 30 minutes or more. The head high stays put but disconnects the legs, so while a crushing sativa experience is had there is no real movement unless it is necessary.


Triple diesel seeds

Once you use a large amount, the possibility of ‘brain melt’ increases. At this point, your main goal is to find as comfortable a place as possible so you can lie down.


Triple Diesel, like many other potent marijuana strains, has a few side effects. The most common of these is dry mouth. Some users report feeling an acrid sensation in their tongue and gums.

Medical Benefits of the Triple Diesel Strain

Triple Diesel’s somewhat dour appearance belies its intensity and sheer power. The kief that coats Triple Diesel is highly prized, looking and smelling just like small globules of fuel dripping from your bud. The nugs are denser than others in the Diesel family and offer a lime-green glow and orange pistils.