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trewbacca seeds

Trewbacca seeds

The Interdictor made a narrow escape from the trap and it limped back to Selen to lick its wounds, where the House summits discovered that Mejas was now Consul, a change that shocked them to the core. Timeros was stripped of his position and his Aedile promoted, to ensure the loyalty of his lackeys, Mejas organised a feast. Where the main dish was named as “Roast Amik”, a name which the former Commodore boasted until his unfortunate demise at the hands of Mejas.

After the rendezvous at the Radama Void near Ord Radama, a joint task force from the Dlarit Navy and the Dlarit Special Operations Group continued on to the Shroud with the other clans. With Lord Paladin on the Dark Star and the Oracle, Trevarus Caerick, having betrayed and fled the Clan two years ago, the Dlarit fleet was forced through the Shroud at sublight like the others.

As the battle for existence raged below Cassandra and Callus’ feet, Alaris Jinn, along with the remainder of his fellow Dark Jedi became more and more aware of how necessary reinforcements were in these closing minutes. Fatigue overwhelmed the eclectic selection of battling Dark Jedi. Just as all hope was being lost, an explosion followed by the emergence of the two Dark Jedi and the Iron Throne troopers who systematically tore through the ranks of the droids, saving the lives of their peers. The Dark Jedi filtered their own ways, Cassandra and Sanguinius beckoned by the Rollmaster Cethgus, Vivackus tending to the needs of his apprentice, Alaris reporting back to Braecen; however, their bond, stronger than ever. Braecen’s lips blossomed into a tell-tale Corellian smirk. He was not sure what the future would hold for Clan Plagueis, but he knew he would enjoy watching them succeed as a unified clan under the steady hand of the Iron Throne.

Immediately following victory at Antei, most of the Dark Jedi of Clan Plagueis returned to the Jusadih System, as per the orders of Consul Braecen Kaeth. Braecen himself did not follow. He was ordered to remain on Antei for the time being where the new Grand Master, Muz Ashen could keep tabs on him. This left Proconsul Alaris Jinn di Plagia in command. This gave Jinn the opportunity he needed to continue his ascension to the Plagueian Throne. He began to make sweeping changes to the military outlook of Clan Plagueis.

Known Participants

Having entrenched his droid forces and loyal apprentices on Antei, Crask was prepared to give the Brotherhood the war that they were thirsting for. Brutal fighting erupted as soon as the Brotherhood forces landed, Captured clan members being dragged before Crask and examined, their faith in the Dark Side tested, challenged, and for some, destroyed forcibly. Converting the Clan’s forces resulted in Sarin sending his Shadow hand to the surface to investigate personally.

In their final push to defeat the Jedi, Taldryan was ordered to the Du’sann Boundary to retake and hold the Triumvirate Library. At the same time, a rescue party was formed to retrieve the captured Dark Jedi using a Taldryan Assault Shuttle and the 1st Platoon, Bravo Company of the 2/41st Infantry. Enemy resistance at the Library was minimal and the surrounding area was taken quickly. It was decided however by Consul Shadow Taldrya that the risk to his men and that of the soldiers was too great to assault the underground Library and decided to seal the entrance via explosives for a later Dark Council team to take of.

The Ninth Great Jedi War, or Unification, was a conflict that took place in 24 ABY on the planet Antei between the forces of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and an unidentified fundamentalist Jedi sect under the Jedi Master Omancor Crask. Initially the invasion was conceived to retake Antei from the aliens occupying it. But the Six Great Clans, united under Grand Master Sarin and the Armed Forces of the Iron Throne, quickly learned that those aliens had been decimated by a biological weapon and Antei had been conquered and fortified by Crask and his army of droids.

Clan Plagueis

The demise of the guards was short-lived as Clan Tarentum had seemingly become hostile toward Clan Plagueis. At this point, things began to look as if they were falling apart for Plagueis, as The Victory II-Class Star Destroyer Instigator had been seriously hit, and the ground forces were being overwhelmed by the Tarantae and Droid battalions. Cethgus Kuga took it upon himself to move the damaged VSD-II Instigator closer to the atmosphere of the planet, enabling for quick retreat or extraction, much like Alaris had ordered. After the suppression of the Tarantae hostiles and the last of the Droids drifting north, the injured group Kaira Rohana, Koga Kage and Denath were joined, and aided, by Callus and Jaysun Adumarii, as the overwhelming droid army was mown down in a shower of sparks and molten metal. Jaysun and Callus had come to the rescue of Kaira, Koga and Denath, all three pockmarked with the wounds of battle. During the time the party of rescuers and injured, along with a handful of the 41st battalion were extracted, Vivackus Kavon, Kal Vorrac and Alaris Jinn were closing down on a strong beacon of force energy. This dense energy signal led them into vicious battle with the still-strong droid army, and knowing full well a Jedi threat lay within one of the control centres. In the intervening time, The Instigator’s position acted more to its detriment as the entire fleet was bombarded with a meteor shower. The already ailed ship took another substantial beating; the ensuing cost to the Plagueian fleet was a reduced force upon the ship and Cethgus’ fatal wounds.

In response, Tarentum turned to their alliance with the Keepers in order to stop the clan’s enemies. Their duties included searching out a necromantic weapon known as the Obsidian Blade, which the Keepers would allegedly use to defend the clan when it faced a familiar enemy – Adamu, a Dark Jedi spirit. It was during such conflict that Anshar stepped down as Consul of Tarentum, in order to direct his full attention to his work to the Master at Arms. Oberst assumed the throne of Tarentum shortly after his superior’s resignation, while Ronovi was appointed Proconsul.