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the art of growing weed

The art of growing weed

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“To me, it’s really criminal what the government has done for the last 80 years, which is lie about all of this,” Frank says. “If you see the posters for movies like Reefer Madness, they were serious. This is what they told you it was. They completely tried to erase the entire history of cannabis in this country.”

South Indian Landrace, Oakland CA 1980

The art of growing weed

VICE: Hey JW, what’s your best growing advice?
JW: Know what seed/strain you are growing as genetics play a big role in the timing of the light cycles. Do not over water. Overwatering and overall stress to the plant will kill it quickly. Use half of the recommended nutrients if it’s a first time grow. And don’t constantly stress about them—after all it’s just a plant and can be grown again. Being impatient will kill plants faster than anything.

Over time, the appearance of the plant will change but its needs will also change. Different stages require different quantities of light, water, training techniques and nutrients. That's why I run ganja school classes—it’s complicated!

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There was also a time when I was walking home from the grocery store and saw cops surrounding my house. I had a tiny grow space, just a few plants, but this was before I had even thought of licensing. I was sure they were raiding my little basement grow, so I walked right past and went to sit down in the park. I walked back 20 minutes later to see them pulling cut down plants out of my neighbours’ house. In the end, I think half of that Vancouver neighbourhood had grows downstairs.

Have you ever named your plants?
No, I’ve never understood with the human need to name something you want to and eventually will destroy. Seems cruel to the psyche [laughs].

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Honestly? Probably. So do you have any home growing horror stories?
One time a chicken completely stripped one of my plants of all leaves. Surprisingly it recovered after a few weeks, but was a bit smaller than the rest.

The art of growing weed

However, with numerous guides in the market that claim to provide all the need-to-knows of growing marijuana. it’s hard to figure out which one to trust.

Consumers and growers alike have been enjoying the benefits of high-caliber weed now that it’s being properly regulated.

So, what are you waiting for?

The bright side is that people are now stepping up their games – leading to reliable, heavily researched marijuana growing guides that provide readers with insider tips. and more

Growing marijuana and reaping the rewards have been on a steady upward trend since the herb has been legalized in numerous states. While there was an initial hesitation by the general public, the upsides have been outweighing the good.