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tenderheart seeds

Tenderheart seeds

We took our two best looking male Midnight Express phenotypes to the lab and had the leaves tested for CBD content and the male that was strongest genetically happened to have a measurably higher Cannabidiol percentage than the other. We used this male to cross with a Cannatonic phenotype originally discovered by healer in Rhode Island that has been tested as high as over 20% CBD and as low as .1% THC!

We started this project a year ago and are thrilled to finally have a high CBD option that is significantly lower in delta-9 THC and still high in total cannabinoids! We are calling this strain Tenderheart.

These are regular seeds, as are all of our strains currently, so you can expect males and females. Males will be great for breeding up with other high CBD strains, or with high THC strains for seeds to new phenotypes that are THC dominant but still high in CBD.

Tenderheart seeds

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