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tea for growing weed

Tea for growing weed

Here’s our recommended compost tea recipe, one for the vegetative stage and one for the flowering stage, a said above, you can use whatever you want as long as you provide what your cannabis plants need.

The majority of the materials needed for compost can be found easily and sometimes you might already have them at home, making this a really cheap and effective way to improve your organic grow.

Now that you have everything ready, you can fill your bucket with water, then dilute the molasses straight into the water, place the ingredients in the mesh bag, put the airstones in the water, and start brewing. Now, to know exactly how long it takes, you need to know the temperature of the water you’re using so here’s a table to help you.

Worm castings

When done correctly, your compost tea should be well-aerated so when you use it to water the soil, it will aerate it and improve water retention, providing a healthier medium for the roots to grow in.

Food and nutrients are where you’ll be introducing the nutrients your cannabis need and the food for the microorganisms, you don’t need to add any extras if your compost is good enough but if you want to take your tea to the next level or you think your compost is not good enough, you can add any of the following ingredients, just have in mind that you can substitute any of them to what suits you better.

Cheap and effective

Depending on if you’re brewing teas for growing or blooming cannabis, you will have to provide a certain type of guano or meal, some guanos/meals are nitrogen-rich and others are rich in phosphorus and potassium, so you should choose carefully based on what you need to provide. Both of these ingredients can boost your plant’s immune system and also feeds fungi, thus increasing its population.

There’s no such thing as a compost tea feeding schedule, but luckily, organic teas won’t overfeed your cannabis plants so you can use them anytime you think your plants are hungry or when you want to boost microbial life in the soil.

Tea for growing weed

The main goal of using tea compost is to develop microorganisms to improve the soil health, promote robust yields, and boost the immune system of your plants.

You can also browse organic tea recipes to get some more ideas about what to include in your tea.

Fish hydrolysate

However, pot gardeners who have tried brewing compost tea for their cannabis crops report notable perks.

It’s essential to make sure you are using the right ingredients and the correct tea compost recipe, so your cannabis garden can benefit. The right compost tea has the ability to extract the soluble microorganisms and nutrients from compost, including fungi, bacteria, nematodes, and protozoa.

How to make compost tea

This leads amateur growers to overuse these fertilizers resonating that more nutrients equal larger yields. However, what actually happens is the crop produces a massive salt buildup which results in a nutrient lockout, extremely flushing, and dead microbes.