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swiss dream seeds

Swiss dream seeds

Texture: medium-high level of compactness

Germination: 10 days (height 10-12cm)

Values: CBG 16-20%, THC n.d. (not detected – suitable EU)

Vegetative (average): from 4 to 5 weeks

Appearance: large inflorescences, light-coloured resin in evidence

Original Swiss Dream Certificated Seeds. Beware of imitations.

Yield (average): outdoor: 450-500g – greenhouse: 350-400g – indoor 80-90g (per Plant)

Certified feminized Seeds

Flowering (average): from 4 to 5 weeks – harvesting, tanning and packaging (4 weeks – suggested)

It can develop into a very bushy plant with masses of interior internodes and for this reason it is recommended to thin the interior branches not only to focus the plant’s energy on its exterior buds but also to promote good airflow through the plant’s innermost branches and leaves. Its leaves are an unusual olive green in colour and its buds compact and tight with a bullet-shape. The perfume is floral and spicy while its flavour has both diesel fuel and ginger notes.

Yields are very good; indoor plants should produce 550 – 600 gr/m 2 in a flowering time of 70 – 75 days. Outdoors these plants can reach a height of 200 cm. producing yields of 800 gr/plant with northern hemisphere harvests taking place during the month of October.

Swiss Dream CBD is an indica-dominant hybrid that, somewhat unusually, was created without the use of “industrial hemp” plants using elite strains only in a process of continuous selection in order to ucover pheno-types with reliably low levels of THC and high CBD. Visually and structurally Swiss Dream CBD is very sativa-like and this translates into its hardiness and pest-resistance as well as its adaptability to both indoor and outdoor conditions where these may fall below the ideal.

Following a long period of research & development CBD Swiss Dream is ready for the market. This is a high CBD cannabis strain which boasts a CBD:THC ratio of approximately 26:1! THC levels are consistently below 0.25% while CBD is measured at 7%. The result is a cannabis plant with virtually non-existent levels of psycho-activity, a boon for many medical marijuana patients.

Patients will remain utterly lucid after consuming this variety yet its effect is of ultimate muscle relaxation which is an intoxicating prospect for those suffering problems in that area.