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sugar shack seeds

Furthermore, Sugar Shack can use during the nighttime. Aside from that, this marijuana strain has a THC content of 19%, which may be too high for some consumers and not allowed for veteran users.


This marijuana strain is best in flavors like the slightly sweet taste of piney aroma and herbal aftertaste. Sugar Shack Autoflower is more on fruit and aromantic pine that combinations of lots of berries. However, this may include its good herbs and woody taste that a unique flavor feels overwhelming and sensational when taken in.

What are the Medical Benefits of Sugar Shack Autoflower?

This marijuana strain called Sugar Shack is a lineage of Indica- dominant hybrid with its flavors herbal, fruity, pine, and resin aroma, which has slightly woody and sweet flavors. Sugar Shack is coated with brownish-orange color while the buds fill with gray covered. However, this is an excellent strain because of its effects when it hits. Eventually, this sweet strain is appropriate for beginners, and veteran smokers will prefer something new.

Sweet with effects that are deceptively mild, potent and pungent Sugar Shack marijuana seeds are best tended to by gardeners with some experience cultivating cannabis.


Sugar Shack marijuana may be sweet and woody on the nose, but the potent strain is far more complex than the sugary treat you can get at its namesake (a wooden shack in the woods where maple syrup is tapped and tasted).

The effects of this fruity sweet strain are deceptively mild – although Sugar Shack marijuana is often considered an ideal option for consumers beginning their cannabis journey, it’s easy to go overboard as the strain can top out at 19% THC. Indica dominant, you’re likely to find yourself happy and relaxed, and with a natural alternative treatment option to conditions like depression, anxiety, and general pain in the palm of your hand.