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sugar cone seeds

Sugar cone seeds

Buy a beautiful sugar pine seedling to plant in your yard – or in the wild!

Buy sugar pine seeds (P. lambertiana) at $1 per seed and sprout them yourself! P. monticula, P. albicaulis, P. flexilis, P. balfouriana, P. jeffreyi, Abies concolor and Calocedrus decurrens seeds also available. Minimum order is 10 seeds.

Own one of the world’s longest, largest and most beautiful pine cones – always a holiday season hit

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Ornament/Key Chain

Show off your support for sugar pines every day with this pine cone key chain!

US orders only! Winter orders ship in April. Summer orders ship in October.


Sugar cone seeds

it works – urs have too much for water and not enough sun

Wonder what all that white stuff is? Here is a closeup of all the mold growing on the outside.

Agree with you! Cones are made for one thing, ice cream. Why would anyone waste a good cone on seeds.

Growing Seeds in Ice Cream Cones – 1 week

I took 4 cones and added some Pro-mix BX; my standard seed starting mix. I placed a bean seed in each of two cones and a pea seed in each of the other two. To keep them upright, I put them in a container. I then watered them just enough to wet the soil, but not enough to have water run out the bottom or over the top edge.

It is even claimed that this is biodegradable – how nice is that?

YES! I just proved you can.

Growing Seeds in Ice Cream Cones – 24 hours

I had to try it!

Growing Seeds in Ice Cream Cones – 1 week later