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strawberry bliss seeds

Purple Strawberry Bliss originates from a very special pheno-type found in a pack of Cheeseberry seeds in the south of Holland. It is one of the most colourful strains available anywhere and at maturity it displays a rainbow of different colours.

This is an S1 strain and results from sel-pollination of the special pheno-type. It is a sativa but only takes 9 weeks to finish flowering. It has to be admitted that yields are merely average, however, it is one of the most odiferous and aromatic sativas around and turns an astonishing range of colours from deep purple through red shades, blues and dark green.

Any grower would be delighted to have such a plant in their garden so why not order yours today from Seedsman.

Strawberry bliss seeds

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It does not have a big yield but it is one of the most odourous Sativas which will reward you with a rainbow of colour.

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This wonderful strain was awarded 3rd place in the IC 420 Sativa Cup Amsterdam 2014.